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Opportunities Astrology Report

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Opportunities is a vocational guidance natal report that focuses attention on your career outlook.

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Opportunities Astrology Report

Opportunities is a terrific vocational guidance natal report designed by Stephanie Clement, Ph.D. A 20-30 page report is generated that focuses attention on your career outlook and higher destiny path in the world. Many people have trouble deciding what field of knowledge and expertise to pursue in life or come to a crossroads and need to shift gears on the professional front. Opportunities will assist students in college, parents trying to determine the best education for a child, and just about anyone who is puzzled about what the natal chart indicates as a path of success in the greater community.

When ordering, please include your first and last name, birth date (month/date/year), birth time, and birth place (city/state/country). This information must be provided in order to generate your custom report. 

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