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About Consultations with Isha Lerner

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Isha Lerner, founder of Power of Flower essences, has been working with and researching flower essences for 35 years. An international leader in her field of metaphysics, Isha is available for individual sessions.

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Note from Isha Lerner: It is fulfilling to witness a growing respect for the study and science of Astrology in our culture today as new generations explore the mysticism and consciousness growth.

It has become a widespread knowledge that the work of Astrology serves as a tool for life navigation and deep psychological and spiritual guidance. Astronomers and scientists alike have re-examined astrology, many recognizing astrology as a viable companion and language of the great Universe.

I have often shared how beneficial it is to receive astrological depth work before entering therapy. The breadth of understanding and insight can then be shared with a therapist. The key points are often carried within the unconscious of the individual and thus the blue print of the astrology chart serves as an objective understanding of character and life patterns.

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