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International Work

The Power of Flower’s Healing Essence Company is pleased to be a part of a global consciousness in the field of flower essence application, research, and study. Our essences, sold retail and wholesale around the globe, reach individuals, companies, and organizations alike. Our association with Japan is especially honored. The relationships we have forged with Nature World, with Hirshi-san Tomei, and Natura, with Hiro-san and Tatsue-san Kushihiki, is an on going treasured experience


Isha travels at least twice a year to Japan to share, teach, and offer private consultations in the field of flower essences, astrology, tarot, and the mystical meaning of fairy tales. Her two book/deck sets, The Inner Child Cards: A Fairy Tale Tarot, and The Power of Flower’s book/deck set are translated into Japanese name?

Isha has enjoyed travel, friends, and colleagues and looks forward to many more international adventures.


Note: The earthquake and tsunami of 2011 shook the world and opened our awareness to the tenderness of our global connection. Japan served as a mirror to the world as we watched the suffering and horror of nuclear disaster. Working in Japan, and with the people soon after the earth quake is an experience I will never forget. The country was vulnerable as continued shakes and unexpected tremors rocked the cities, and it took time, years, for the shock to wear off the psyche of my friends and clients. The pride and care they hold as a unified country, in the face of challenge, is honorable. It has been a privilege to work in Japan and I do so with respect.

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