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SkyLog (6-Months) Astrology Report

Skylog (6-Month Version) is the fantastic sequel to The Sky Within Natal Report designed by Stephen Forrest. Your Major Transits & Secondary Progressions are interpreted in a dynamic, personal and inspired fashion, plus – the analysis is given in comprehensive, essay-like sections that may run for half a page or longer, depending on the importance of the alignment. It’s a tour de force!


IMPORTANT NOTES: The starting date must be the first day of a calendar month. Whereas Skylog contains many essay-like paragraphs and sections, Timeline gives shorter and more succinct interpretations, perhaps 2 or 3 sentences in length, but it also does more listings overall than Skylog. Think of Timeline as a comprehensive short-answer school test and Skylog as a comprehensive essay-type test where both are covering a fairly similar field of study.


When ordering, please include your first and last name, birth date (month/date/year), birth time, and birth place (city/state/country). This information must be provided in order to generate your custom report.

SkyLog (6-Months) Astrology Report

  • IMPORTANT: Please make sure to provide your birth day, month, year, location and exact time inside the "Add a note" area in your cart before checkout, or provide the information specified per report in the description area. If your information is not provided the a note with your order Isha will have to contact you before the report can be created. 

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