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All About Flower Essences

The Power of Flower Essences are produced using the traditional sun/water method as introduced by the late Edward Bach. Our Flower Essences are preserved in pure spring water, high quality brandy and contain the imprint of the flower’s beautiful  healing application. Power Flower Blends (Crafted Blends, Chakra Blends, and Inner Child Blends) are sold in one ounce dropper bottles and all single flower essences and Urban Essentials are sold in half ounce bottles. 


When a person places a few drops of a flower's essence under the tongue, the energy of the flower, vibrating at its own special frequencies, floods one's aura. The flower's vibrations are now within the body/aura's vibrations and the flower's vibrations will harmonize the body/aura vibrations to its own special harmonies, with the help of the flower's signature vibrations.

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