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All About Astrology

All About Astrololgy

When someone asks me if I "believe" in astrology, my response is inspired by the late Swiss psychologist, Carl Jung, who, when asked if he "believed" in God responded, "No, I do not believe in God, I know God." Jung's distinction between belief and knowing intrigued me. 

Yes, I pondered, there is a distinction between that which we believe to be true and that which we know to be true. I concluded for myself that belief requires trust, a feeling, imagination, hope, faith, and a deep conviction and commitment to the subject, person, or experience that one "believes in." Although it may be subjective, I further concluded that knowledge is learned information that is tangible, provable for the most part, and supported by hands on experience. Knowledge fosters the thinking realm of the individual. 

One person may believe in fairies without ever having had a real encounter with them. Another individual may have had a life altering sighting of fairies, and, therefore, has a unique knowledge of fairies that the person without the experience may never have. It is a very different reality for the individual who dreams of seeing a fairy verses the individual who has actually seen one. 

I do not believe in astrology. I do not dream of it or imagine it to be real. As a practicing professional astrologer for twenty years and a committed student for thirty, I have established a respectable knowledge of the subject, and I am sufficiently satisfied with my own knowledge and experience with astrology. I know astrology. I have studied it and I can attest that it benefits those who choose to use it as a tool in life.

Sir Isaac Newton

Sir Isaac Newton, the scientist famous for formulating the law of universal gravitation, was highly regarded in his time, much like Albert Einstein later was. Newton is credited with many achievements, such as the invention of calculus. As a young man studying mathematics, Newton also studied astrology. An often repeated tale is that the astronomer Halley kidded Newton about his interest in astrology. Newton, it is said, defended himself by asserting, "I have studied the subject, Mr. Halley, and you have not." Newton never recanted his belief in astrology, nor did he feel the new science he was creating invalidated astrology in any way.


Judge John H. Freschi

I am impressed with the late Judge John H. Freschi, who, in 1914, dismissed the charge of fortune telling leveled against Evangeline Adams, who, when arrested, insisted on standing trial. She went to court armed with reference books and proceeded to systematically explain the principles of astrology. She concluded her defense by reading a chart of an individual unknown to her. The anonymous chart was that of the judge's son. Impressed with the accuracy of her reading, Judge Freschi remarked that "the defendant raises astrology to the dignity of an exact science." He dismissed all charges against her. Through hands-on experience with astrology, Judge Freschi was able to acquire his own knowledge rather than an imagined, or, trusting explanation

Oddly enough, I found this story of Evangeline Adams in 1982, ten years after I began to study astrology. My maiden, or, birth name is Freschi. My father's name is John Freschi. I contacted my family on the Freschi side to see if Judge John Freschi was a descendant of the family tree. Not only did I discover that Judge Freschi was a great uncle of mine, I was also able to acquire a magazine containing his writings from the early 1900s. Growing up as an Italian Catholic, metaphysics was not a popular choice of profession! Upon reading the story of Evangeline Adams and Judge John Freschi, I imagined that perhaps I have past life links that have perpetuated my interest and commitment to the study of metaphysics and astrology. Ironically, I am offered an inquiry into the distinction between belief and knowledge. I certainly do not know if my interest in metaphysics is passed on to me through this lineage, or story, however, it does inspire my imagination, and, I believe it is possible.

Questions and Answers


After many years of study and "hands on" experience with various branches of astrological study I am no longer intimidated by answering the major question people ask of each other upon meeting: "So, what do you do?" I am confident and honored to tell them I am a professional astrologer and author. I feel so blessed to able to do the work that I love in the world. Why not be proud of it?


Those of you, like myself, who have embarked upon mystical and alternative subjects in the early 1970s know how far our current society has come in understanding and embracing alternative tools such as astrology. I thank all committed students and teachers who have, and continue to unravel the mysteries of our inner and outer spaces.


Those who have dared to venture off the beaten path have helped us all grow and prosper in an individualistic manner. With a healthy spiritual life intact, we are able to serve the world with greater intention and integrity.


Science and Mysticism

Magic happens when imagination and rational knowledge unite. The balance that is achieved when the intuitive mind and the logical mind are united is magical and brilliant. It is the stuff of invention, genius, and exploration. Therefore, I whole-heartedly embrace the evidence of astrology as scientific and factual as well as highly mystical and profoundly intuitive. 

All over the world, astrologers continue to explore and navigate the skies, the human soul, and the natural world as a way to understand the mystery and the power of life. The heaven is infinite, as is our mind. The sky, with its myriad shifting planets and its luminous moon beckons us to dream of unknown worlds. Astrologers and astronomers alike seek to gain new and valid insights into the infinite umbrella of stars that surround our planet.

My Wish for You:

"In your own world, and whatever way possible, dare to be an explorer of life. Most importantly, stand tall and share your knowledge with others. Be willing to say you don't know. Be willing to say you do know. And be extra willing to dream. If you build it, they will come." ~ From the motion picture, Field of Dreams.

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