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Child Star Astrology Report

Child Star is your child's detailed astrological profile and much more.


In ancient times parents routinely called upon an astrologer to interpret their child's horoscope so that they might better understand and guide their new babe. Child Star is your child's detailed astrological profile and much more. A Child Star report helps you instantly recognize and attune to your child's strengths, weaknesses, aptitude, and potentials. It will provide you with suggestions on how to acknowledge and alter negative behavior, and how to maximize the positive aspects of this amazing new being. Child Star describes your child's world -its family, educational inclinations, and emerging identity. It is written in an easy-to-understand language covering every planet and aspect in a child's chart. Child Star has been reviewed and approved by a child psychologist.


When ordering, please include your first and last name, birth date (month/date/year), birth time, and birth place (city/state/country). This information must be provided in order to generate your custom report.

Child Star Astrology Report

  • IMPORTANT: Please make sure to provide your birth day, month, year, location and exact time inside the "Add a note" area in your cart before checkout, or provide the information specified per report in the description area. If your information is not provided the a note with your order Isha will have to contact you before the report can be created. 

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