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Solar Return Predictions Astrology Report

olar Return Predictions provides a list of the planets' positions in both the natal chart and the Solar Return chart.


Don't let a birthday pass without looking at your Solar Return! This is the first report writer to provide a detailed interpretation of the Solar Return Chart, both as an independent chart and in relationship to the natal chart. The program provides a list of the planets' positions in both the natal chart and the Solar Return chart, in addition to 50+ pages of personal interpretation. Solar Return Predictions is actually two programs in one: a report writer and a forecaster. The report writer highlights specific themes and life issues in effect for any given year of your life and the program forecasts significant dates for that year. You get a thorough report of what to expect in the coming year-and exactly when. There's nothing else like it!


NOTE: When ordering the Solar Return Report, please indicate in the COMMENTS section whether you want the Solar Return Report for your next birthday or last birthday as the report’s content and interpretations start right on the day of your birthday.


When ordering, please include your first and last name, birth date (month/date/year), birth time, and birth place (city/state/country). This information must be provided in order to generate your custom report.

Solar Return Predictions Astrology Report

  • IMPORTANT: Please make sure to provide your birth day, month, year, location and exact time inside the "Add a note" area in your cart before checkout, or provide the information specified per report in the description area. If your information is not provided the a note with your order Isha will have to contact you before the report can be created. 

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