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Timeline (6-Months) Astrology Report

Timeline (6-Month Version) is a sophisticated and versatile report describing your current and future time-periods according to planetary cycles. Transits, Secondary Progressions, Tertiary (Lunar-based) Progressions and Eclipses are all woven together – and in chronological order. Highlight sections and visually graphed listings allow you to scan through all the direct hits. Explanations in Plain English are provided for all aspects given.


IMPORTANT NOTES: The starting date must be the first day of a calendar month. Whereas Skylog contains many essay-like paragraphs and sections, Timeline gives shorter and more succinct interpretations, perhaps 2 or 3 sentences in length, but it also does more listings overall than Skylog. Think of Timeline as a comprehensive short-answer school test and Skylog as a comprehensive essay-type test where both are covering a fairly similar field of study.


When ordering, please include your first and last name, birth date (month/date/year), birth time, and birth place (city/state/country). This information must be provided in order to generate your custom report.

Timeline (6-Months) Astrology Report

  • IMPORTANT: Please make sure to provide your birth day, month, year, location and exact time inside the "Add a note" area in your cart before checkout, or provide the information specified per report in the description area. If your information is not provided the a note with your order Isha will have to contact you before the report can be created. 

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