The Medicine of Flowers

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The Medicine of Nature
The Heart of Flowers

We must treat the cause of imbalance within body, mind and soul in order to insure wellness, radiant energy, and clear thinking.

One of the most respected names in association with the use of flower essences, also known as flower remedies, is Dr. Edward Bach. Dr. Bach was a respected homeopathic practitioner in London during the early 1900's and is credited with the creation of the 32 Bach Flower Remedies. Flower essences are used to treat a broad range of emotional disorders and temperaments. Unlike their cousin, homeopathic medicines, flower essences contain no physical elements of the flowering plant, making pure vibrational remedies. Widespread application of flower essence therapy has opened the way for the development of flower essence healing around the world. They offer a unique and specialized form of subtle energetic therapy.

Placing pure flower blossoms into a glass bowl that has been filled with pure spring water produces flower essences. Transference of the flower's medical healing property is absorbed into the water, which will hold the electro-magnetic infusion of the flowers qualities or healing light. This 'flower remedy' is preserved with pure brandy and stored in a cool dry temperature. This solution is called the 'Mother Stock.' Individual doses of the Mother Stock are used to prepare the remedy bottles used for individual application.

Flower essences are pure and harmless water-soluble drops administered under the tongue, or added to a glass of water, juice, or tea. The healing potential carries a 'vibrational' or 'high frequency' therapy that aids the entire system of the human being, including the etheric body, and the emotional and mental patterning held within the body.

Why are flower useful and needed at this time in our culture? We are re-discovering the dynamic association between spirit, body, and science. We not only operate on the food we eat as fuel, but energetically generated by thoughts, emotions, fears, and other temperaments. Therefore, we now know that we are influenced by imperceptible factors of energy that runs our lives. When our frequencies and multi-dimensional vibrations are out of balance, dis-harmony, or, dis-ease may follow. Our diseases may evolve from the manifestation of repressed, oppressed emotions, anger, and fear. Flower remedies seek to balance and restore the equilibrium of the human body so that a vibrant and healthy body may radiate joy, peace, and goodwill. This is good reason to incorporate flower essence into your daily life. They assist with so many areas of our life including communication, relationships, parenting, childhood issues, fears, depression, etc.

Sending love and healing during these times of unrest. May our hearts be soothed with the unity of courage and endurance.

With love, 

Isha Lerner

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