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Epi-Genetics and Flower Essences

All forms of life resonate on energetic wavelengths. Plants, animals, humans, and planets are interconnected on a greater spectrum of energy. Progressive healing models are researching the multi-dimensional phenomenon of our physical as well as emotional bodies. Understanding the full picture of our life force and health opens a dynamic field of study known as Vibrational or Energy Medicine. The impact of this awareness offers new systems of healing as we develop a greater awareness of emotional and mental care.

Flower Essence Therapy is one such medical model brought to our attention by the late Dr. Edward Bach in the early 1900’s. Ahead of his time, Dr. Bach understood the synergy between emotion, mental constructs, the physical body, and the soul’s karmic template.

His well documented work has proven a gold mine and serves as a pioneering inspiration in the field of Vibrational Medicine. His work has opened the door to our understanding of how emotion may hinder the progress of wellness. We now have a model of energy medicine that has been well documented for nearly a century.

Flower essences heal the body in a different way than aromatherapy and homeopathy does, however, they all share in the support of whole body awareness. Each modality has profound impact on the emotional, mental, physical, spiritual and etheric body field.

A Flower Essence is a living energetic medicine made from the biological imprint of the living plant's vibrations in water. The Flower Essences are created and preserved in pure spring water and a preservative, most commonly brandy; however, vinegar, vodka, and glycerin have been used for sensitive individuals. Flower essences are taken orally under the tongue, applied to the body, or made into a spray. When a person places a few drops of a flower's essence under the tongue, the energy of the flower, vibrating at its own special frequencies, floods one's aura. The flower's vibrations are now within the body/aura's vibrations and the flower's healing essence will harmonize the body/aura vibrations to its own special healing needs.

Each flower carries within its plant signature a healing message; an attunement to the human body. When the needs of the individual are met by the healing qualities of the flower, a unique resonance of light and healing may occur. Flower essences bring the individual into balance with the subtle properties of nature and thereby with their own embodiment potential.

Flower essences have the ability to alter epi-genetic processes by energizing the body’s ability to gently shift the static and broken aspects of a soul’s evolution. Once flower essence therapy has begun for an individual, profound shifts in consciousness may occur allowing for a rejuvenated experience of freedom and health. Unlike herbs and supplements, flower essences have the unique ability to alter psychological aliments. Since we are all linked on the vibrational spectrum, the energetic imprint has a deep affect spiritually.

What makes us who we are? – It’s the psychological debate of nurture versus nature. While we are a combination of these two, false dichotomy states that we do not take part in the magical creation of our incarnation. We are now discovering the link between our own mysterious DNA and the fabric of a much larger medical model that will continue to reveal the part we play in our well being through emotion, mental attitudes, and behaviors. The act of evolution is an ongoing process and flower essences are key in helping humanity align with new scientific and spiritual truths.


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