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The Humble Work of Soul

Updated: Apr 6

Fill my heart with Love,

that my every teardrop may become a star.

~ Hazrat Inayat Khan

As we enter the phase of Saturn in Pisces and Pluto in Aquarius we’ll be challenged to make peace with uncertainty and explore an urgent call toward Adaptation. Plants and nature know this process well.

In simple truth, Humanity must learn from nature, the environment, the seasons, and from the natural way a tree, a flowering plant, or a seedling adapts through various stages of its life cycle. Perhaps we are seedlings, embarking upon new consciousness within a freshly plowed foundation.

What guides us now? Who do we trust as a leader, teacher, a holy guide, or healer? As the earth changes, we change, and in turn, the world reflects a many-sided mirror that reveals a magnetic view of our own True Self. The way we perceive and behave is reflected back to us through this magnetic field. The essence of Humanity is very much united as 'One Pure Organism in Consciousness', the evolution of our planet is determined by the way we choose to live.

Quite timely, new evidence in genetic research offers empirical data regarding the process of behavior and result.

Quite timely, new evidence in genetic research offers empirical data regarding the process of behavior and result. Through the study of epi-genetics, we learn new responses to patterned behavior may re-code inherited emotions and material from the past. We actually recharge the genetic field through 'new behavior,' sparking old genes backwards, and new genes forward.

This organic genetic coding offers a new understanding between the science of the body and emotions. In spite of social unrest, and as we re-balance our social structure post pandemic, we find ourselves in a global growth spurt. Like a child, we may be a bit awkward, however, with proper guidance and a strong social body, we'll hopefully walk in balance with new strength. Powerful healing is a possible reward following willingness to face obstacles, and 'carry on.' It's planetary, cellular, and epic all at the same time.

As co-creator of Inner Child Cards, I had opportunity to explore and research the universal journey of the Soul through symbol, fairy tale mysticism and tarot. With tender Inner Child work we touch the universal hem of suffering, for some, more than others. The moisture/emotion of suffering, when brought to light into understanding, allows for compassion and empathy, connecting one with Heart Wisdom. This work of soul enables return to Original Blessing.

It is wise to address the emotional body as director of the Heart. The art of living embodies both, suffering and joy; a reverie of universal lessons and initiations. In exploring the depths of fairy tale mysticism and the twenty-one teachings from the Major Arcana, an unveiling of cosmic origins, ancestral lineage, and potential evolution becomes a plausible path toward Spiritual Awakening. Our body is informed through the Heart: it informs; and listens, responding to conscious and unconscious promptings of emotion and thought.

A pivotal aspect of healing involves the retrieval of ‘an original birth-right.' This gift of love is abundant and offered to all, yet, difficult to receive, particularly if early childhood had been patterned with trauma or uncertainty within family structure. The exquisite freedom found within the spectrum of personal healing is well earned through personal evolution and the comprehension of karmic influences. There is 'no blame' within this construct.

We are ‘a diamond in the rough’ – a beauty earned.

May your own ‘Work of Soul’ lead you toward a Treasured Life.

Note: Isha Lerner offers mentorship, classes, and in-depth sessions that include the process of identifying karmic imprints with the work of Astrology, known as Power Mapping. Author of four tarot book/deck publications, Isha holds a passion for symbolism and guidance offered through tarot. You may wish to order a tarot session with her. Also, the Wounded Healer archetype is connected with her flower essence Bleeding Heart. Bleeding Heart flower remedy is gentle yet potent, aiding all things related to the Heart Chakra and a Healed Heart.

May you walk in beauty and peace.

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