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Wise Woman/Wise Man Kit

Illumines the Divine Within.


The Wise Woman/Wise Man Kit includes a bottle of Wise Woman Elixir and Wise Man Elixir.


Wise Woman Elixir: Illumines the Divine Feminine Within.

Wise Woman Elixir is a blend is for women and men alike who wish to engage with the nurturing, wise, and intuitive aspects of the Divine Feminine. One is able to access the deep reservoir of strength and illumined vision held within the body, for it is our birthright to engage with and restore the receptive wisdom of the ‘Wise Woman’ within. This remedy is for people of all ages who feel a divine connection to the guardianship of the Crone. Contains: Queen of the Night Cactus, Sagebrush, and Star Tulip


Wise Man Elixir: Illumines the Divine Male Within

Wise Man Elixir is a blend is for men and women who wish to engage with courage and personal empowerment with a readiness to accept the call to service and action. The remedy aligns the individual to a higher destiny regarding purpose and power. It activates a healing regarding father issues and strengthens trust in ones’ ability to accept the role of authority in the world with grace and goodwill. Contains: Saguaro Cactus, Sunflower, and Silversword




Wise Woman/Wise Man Kit


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