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Winter Kit - New!

Fill the Soul with optimism and enthusiasm!


Winter - shorter days and colder temperatures can lead to feeling down and grumpy. For some, the stress of the holiday season adds to the feeling of depression. The flower essences found in our Winter Kit assist you with the process of dealing with this time of the year. Fill Your Soul with optimism and enthusiasm! The six essences come in .5 oz (15 ml) bottles.


The Winter Kit includes:

Borage: Borage is an excellent heart remedy, especially for the feeling of heaviness in the heart and perhaps throughout the body. This is a lovely flower remedy that helps the heart experience ebullience and lightness. It fills the soul with fresh forces of optimism and enthusiasm while radiating our essence outwardly to others.


Indian Paintbrush: Indian Paintbrush is for those who engage in highly creative work. For one with a tendency toward low vitality and exhaustion, difficulty in rousing physical forces to sustain the intensity of creative work, and inability to bring creative forces in to physical expression. Indian Paintbrush flower remedy helps in regaining lively, energetic creativity with exuberant artistic activity.


Mustard: Mustard is the remedy to depression and darkness. Despair can occur for any number of reasons in our lives. Sorrow can easily turn into depression if we do not take proper care of ourselves when we are feeling hurt or sad. Bring the happiness back into your life with the Mustard flower remedy. Feel joy with this essence – experience life as though you were newly born, fresh from the womb.


Pansy: Pansy is an immune builder as it draws out from within the individual the purest quality of heart and mind. As a flower essence, pansy helps us to ‘face’ the world, thereby, strengthening our courage to share our beauty with the world. Pansy flower essence clears negative thoughts and opens the Heart Chakra. Pansy is an important flower essence to protect against virus and immune disorders.


White Snow Drops: White Snow Drops is used when in need of renewal, tender hope, and release from the hardened aspects of the past. The flower remedy opens the heart to nature and flowers. It is a wonderful essence to use when in crisis; and when the individual must push thought an obstacle without struggle.


Zinnia: Zinnia enhances one’s ability to rediscover the child-like qualities of playfulness, joy, delight, unconditional love, and a spirit of lighthearted innocence and adventure. This is a very good flower remedy for the elderly, or for any person who may be suffering from a lack of joy or energy due to age, illness, or depression.



Winter Kit - New!


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