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Triple Goddess Book and Deck Set

Written by Isha Lerner
Illustrated by Mara Friedman

With a Forward by Vicki Noble

Published by Bear and Co. and Inner Traditions in 2002.


The Triple Goddess Tarot consists of twenty-two Major Arcana Cards, referred to as Alchemy Cards, plus four additional, original Alchemy Cards - Infinite Bliss, Infinite Truth, Infinite Potential, and Trinity - in beautiful designs that invoke a twenty-six-step journey into the mystery and wisdom of the Sacred Feminine.


Also included is a set of seven original cards representing the chakras of the body that can be used either with the rest of the deck or as a separate oracle unto itself for the purpose of illuminating and revitalizing life energy.


Each exquisitely painted image is accompanied by rituals, prayers, and practical guidelines to invoke the Divine Feminine. Taken together these elements can create a powerful alignment between one's spiritual, physical, and emotional energy fields, allowing for greater health, empowerment, and purpose.

Triple Goddess Book and Deck Set


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