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Starter Kit

This kit includes our six most popular flower essences!


We have put together The Power of Flowers Healing Essences Company’s six most popular flower essences! These six choices are our best sellers and the set is conveniently packaged in a handy vinyl pouch for easy access and storage. These six essences come in .5 oz (15 ml) bottles.


The Starter Kit includes:


Healing Properties: Iris unblocks old patterns of self-limitation and stagnation, inspiring us to the heights of beauty and grace, and restoring a path to art and creativity. Known as the ‘Paintbrush to the Soul’ Iris is connected to the ‘Rainbow Goddess Iris” and is one of the best remedies to promote healing when one may feel dried up. Iris moistens the terrain of the soul force, enabling one to connect with the warmth and flow of creative energies.


Bleeding Heart:

Healing Properties: Bleeding Heart essence purifies and strengthens the heart chakra, as well as all emotions concerning love, bringing an open-hearted attitude and soothing the emotions so that one may re-invite the spirit of love into one’s soul body. It offers unconditional love to the wounded healer in all of us. It offers particular healing to those who have a broken heart due to great loss.


California Poppy:

Healing Properties: California Poppy carries within it the radiant heights of summer and the majesty of the sunlight. It helps to expand one’s vision to include the auric fields of flowers, plants, trees, animals, human beings and other beings found in nature. Known as ‘The Cup of Gold,” California Poppy essence creates a chalice within the heart so that one may receive the virtues of light, intuition, and inner abundance.



Healing Properties: Sunflower helps to balance the first chakra, assisting with healing the masculine and feminine archetypes so that one may come to rest safely in one’s own power. The essence allows for the emergence of courage and self-confidence as one step into new roles of service and leadership.


Shooting Star:

Healing Properties: Shooting Star is most beneficial to those who feel alienated from numerous aspects of early existence and suffer deeply for it. It re-patterns the soul force and reconnects them to their true, cosmic origins, allowing them to embrace earthly existence and offer their special gifts to the more earth-bound beings in their midst. Especially helpful for children with traumatic births, but a potent elixir for curing alienation on all levels.



Healing Properties: Buttercup carries a blessing of quiet surrender, helping to restore and heal the inner child and helping us remember the creative gifts we carry into this world. The spirit of the sacred child arises within the human heart when this remedy is taken, helping us to see the Truth of who we really are. This is a perfect essence for children, and any person who wishes to restore self worth, inner treasures, and an illumed awareness of self love.

Starter Kit

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