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Spring Kit

Rejuvenate your body, rejuvenate your Soul!


Spring is the transition between winter and summer, and is the season of rebirth, renewal and regrowth. The six essences found in our Spring Kit assist you with the process of transition and rejuvenation. These essences come in .5 oz (15 ml) bottles.


The Spring Kit includes:

Apple Blossom: Apple blossom purifies the emotions, assists the body in ridding itself of poisons from the past, and restores hope to one’s inner life. The essence goes to the ‘core’ healing, and opens one to the inner ‘star’ that resides within the heart. This essence has a way of purifying the aura so that one may bear the fruit of new dreams and aspirations.


Iris: Iris unblocks old patterns of self-limitation and stagnation, inspiring us to the heights of beauty and grace, and restoring a path to art and creativity. Known as the ‘Paintbrush to the Soul’ Iris is connected to the ‘Rainbow Goddess Iris” and is one of the best remedies to promote healing when one may feel dried up. Iris moistens the terrain of the soul force, enabling one to connect with the warmth and flow of creative energies.


Shooting Star: Shooting Star is most beneficial to those who feel alienated from numerous aspects of early existence and suffer deeply for it. It re-patterns the soul force and reconnects them to their true, cosmic origins, allowing them to embrace earthly existence and offer their special gifts to the more earth-bound beings in their midst. Especially helpful for children with traumatic births, but a potent elixir for curing alienation on all levels.


White Magnolia: White Magnolia is used during a healing crisis, moderating the aggravation of symptoms that often happen when healing takes place. It regulates the strength of the healing energy provided by the essence mix to the optimum level and stabilizes protection from the outside energies, including X-rays, negative states of consciousness, and all forms of radiation. This essence helps in developing insight and understanding for issues one is struggling with, deepens spiritual awareness and helps spiritually minded people with balance and integrity.


Purple Crocus: Purple Crocus enhances our ability to attune with all aspects of pain and grief and to release the tension and restriction around these experiences. It helps us to feel the energy of loss and grief with acceptance and surrender. This flower, when lit by the sunlight, resembles the shape and look of the human lung. We hold our grief in the lung meridian and in time, if we do not resolve our deep grief, we may acquire lung disorders and asthmatic conditions. This essence helps to clear those conditions on the physical level.


Glacier Lily: Glacier Lily grows near the spring water’s edge as it ripples down the mountain and into the meadow. It shares its home with Indian Paintbrush, and Shooting Star along the meadow green. Its sweet shy appearance reminds us to lift our heads and unfurl the grace that lives within. It bestows strength among the humble souls who often feel unseen or unheard. The essence invokes a willingness to share one’s true natural gifts with others. This essence is especially wonderful to take with the Shooting Star.



Spring Kit


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