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Romance Kit

Rejuvenate your Passions! Revive your Relationship!


We are offering a beautiful Romance Kit. Your kit arrives in a clear pouch with instruction card for usage. We adore these essences and hope that you will love them, too. This is a wonderful gift for partners to share together, or to give to loved ones. Add more love and radiance to life and feel the beauty of your passions shining bright!


The Romance Kit includes three exciting blends: Passion, Radiance and Intimacy. These are 1 oz blends.


Passion: This exceptional remedy serves as a natural sexual stimulant for those in need of a passionate boost. Renews sexual interest. Lifts the libido. Encourages movement and expression.

Contains: Lotus, Hibiscus, and Orchid.


Radiance: Feel the attraction and recharge the body with joy and fulfillment. Creates magnetism and creative passion. Revitalizes stagnant energy. Enhances a glow of confidence. Contains: Morning Glory, Sunflower, and Silversword.


Intimacy: Feel the difference this remedy will bring to your intimate sharing. Restores and builds trust within a committed relationship Allows for heightened shared experiences. Softens the heart and eases communication. Contains: Calla Lily, Passion Flower, Rose, and Pink Monkey Flower.



Romance Kit


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