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Power Mapping/Karmic Imprint

The Power Mapping Journey is a Three Hour Intensive made up of two Hour and a Half Astrological Sessions. Power Mapping and Karmic Imprint work is Isha Lerner's expertise, created from her 40 years of in-depth research into the Soul's Evolution through the astrological chart, also known as the blueprint of the Soul, or, as Isha says, 'Your Cosmic DNA.' The powerful work of Power Mapping brings to light the  pathway into the deepest aspects of character, karma, life path, love issues, childhood issues, and so many areas where the muscle of the Soul works earnestly toward a pathway of healing and Greater Self Awarness. This work leads the individual towards New Found Possibilities and Acceptance.

Power Mapping/Karmic Imprint

  • An exceptional astrological journey designed to lead each Individual toward Higher Consciousness. Created by Isha Lerner, Power Mapping is a unique and in-depth astrological counseling method with an emphasis on the karmic repertoire of the Soul. The road to happiness is often blocked due to the obstacles and setbacks often attributed to Soul Memory and past life/childhood conditions. These patterns are held in the body and may remain unconscious unless identified and made conscious. We cannot escape these human conditions; however, it is a privilege to embark upon the path of an incarnation that allows for such navigation of the Soul Mapping.

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