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Mentorship / Classes / Coaching

Mentorship with Isha Lerner:
Astrology/Tarot/Flower Essences


Isha Lerner offers three month mentoring programs designed specifically for each individual.  Choose a specific study course with Isha Lerner or enter into a life changing coaching program focused on astrological guidance, deep healing work, and flower essence therapy.


Benefits of Course work with Isha Lerner

A personalized program is a perfect fit for an individual who would like to take the next step in the study and focus of Tarot, Astrology, or Flower Essences. Classes and coaching with Isha excel beyond what is found in text book teaching. Thirty-five years of intensive work with all three modalities, Isha unlock the skills and information needed to take the next step toward new levels of expertise and knowledge.


Become a leader in your field! Be in Service with deep love and locus! Heal Thyself!

Isha is honored to work with each individual, wishing to share her many years of service in the field of vibrational healing, archetype, myth, tarot, and astrology.

Mentorship / Classes / Coaching

  • Feel free to call Isha Lerner for more details and availability: 541-520-4444

    Isha Lerner offers workshops, classes, and lectures internationally.  If you would like to book Is a workshop or seminar in your area please contact our office:  541-520-4444

  • IMPORTANT: Please make sure to provide your birth day, month, year, location and exact time inside the "Add a note" area in your cart before checkout. This information is required before your session. Isha will contact you after your purchase to schedule your session. You will also get a PDF to download after your purchase with next steps and Isha's contact information. 

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