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Louisiana Iris Kit

Capturing the life force of the hardy Louisiana Iris!


Our goal for the Louisiana Iris Kit was to capture the life force of the hardy Iris growing solely in the southern region of Louisiana. We were fortunate to locate the Iris in its natural habitat and were able to create theese healing Iris essences for the world. The individual flower essences come in .5 oz (15 ml) bottles and the blend comes in a 1 oz (30 ml) bottle.


The Louisiana Iris Kit contains:

Abbeville Red/Nelsonii Iris: The Abbeville Red, which contains the watery healing properties of the Giant Blue and the ancient iFulva, carries potent healing properties for a weakened immune system and low life-force energies, and helps to revive creative inspiration through the expression of words and communication.


Due to its unusual origins as a hybrid, it embodies the spirit of individuation, supporting the individual who seeks to express his or her own unique genius in the world. This is an excellent flower essence for artists, teachers and dancers.


Red iFulva Bayou Iris: The iFulva promotes a deep connection between the watery soul forces and the temporal qualities of the earth. Its petals, which droop toward the earth, call forth the vital grounding forces of embodiment. The flower aligns one’s physical embodiment, or first chakra, with the emotional body, encouraging stabilization, longevity and creative rejuvenation.


Giant Blue/I. Giganticaurulea Iris: The Giant Blue Iris shares the virtue of the blue heaven and the glorious yellow sun. It is very erect and upright, and stemming from water, personifies one’s ability to discover the creative muse within. Just as the inner sanctuary of the human soul holds the experience of emotional depth, the Giant Blue Iris serves as a symbolic paintbrush to the senses, thereby, allowing creativity to flow like a divine stream of inspiration. The Giant Blue Iris aligns beautifully with an organic flow of feeling and self-actualization.


Ashley Michelle Hybrid Iris: The Ashley Michelle flower essence assists people who are seeking spiritual development or wishing to know their reason for being in physical form in this lifetime. It is beneficial to be taken before meditation or other spiritual/religious practices, as it assists with opening communication channels for attunement with your Divine inner self, as well as your Spirit guides and teachers. It enhances self-awareness and visualization.

It is often difficult to stay focused and trusting of your inner guidance due to distractions. The Ashley Michelle Hybrid Iris will help you hear and accept your inner voice and offer valuable insights as you explore spiritual realms of evolving consciousness.


Iris Heaven Blend: Contains the flower essences Abbeville Red/Nelsonii Iris, Red iFulva Bayou Iris, Giant Blue/I. Giganticaurlea Iris and Silversword. The ‘Coppery Red’ vibration of the iFulva rejuvenates the life force within the human body offering a deep grounding and connection to the original essence of one’s own creative potential. The Abbeville Red Nelsonii Iris, deepens the potential for unity between soul and body. Silversword activates the alignment process of the spine and chakra system. The beautiful Giant Blue Iris offers support and stabilization to the emotional body. The combination of the two deep red Iris and the blue Giganticaerulea infuses a celebration of color within the body system, incorporating purple hues of healing light within. The Silversword acts as an alignment aid connecting nerve tissue with emotional stabilization. The blend carries the inspirational infusion of rainbow light healing for it is the wondrous Iris that is described as the ‘paintbrush of the soul.”

Louisiana Iris Kit


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