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Seven Chakra Blend Kit

Purchase all Seven Chakra Blends packaged in a beautiful practitioner's box.


With the assistance of a pendulum, inner guidance and thirty years of flower essence research I am honored to offer these high vibration seven chakra blends.


First Chakra: Red iFulva Iris, Angelica, Shooting Star, Rose

Second Chakra: Hibiscus, Wild Iris, Pomegranate, Indian Paintbrush

Third Chakra: Sunflower, Buttercup, Wall Flower, Saguaro Cactus

Fourth Chakra: Nootka Rose, Bleeding Heart, Phlox, Borage

Fifth Chakra: Snap Dragon, Morning Glory, Sagebrush, and Dandelion

Sixth Chakra: Cat’s Ear, Purple Water Lily, Queen of the Night Cactus, Cosmos

Seventh Chakra: Lotus, Silversword, Passion Flower, Orchid

Seven Chakra Blend Kit


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