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Healing Kit for Women

Four special blends to assist women optimize and balance their daily life!


This is an extraordinary price for this special Healing Kit for Women . We have put together these four special blends to assist women optimize and balance their daily life. We have busy stressful lives that demand so much of us emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. When we are in balance our physical body aligns and rejuvenates. Flower essences heal at the cellular level. When you take flower essences you will feel expanded, refreshed, and nourished within the soul. We know you will love this kit. The Healing Kit for Women includes:


Arise and Awaken Blend: Contains the flower essences Morning Glory, Sagebrush, Silversword, and Snap Dragon. This blend assists in opening the channels of awakening and change and helps us to pierce through the veil of illusion and confusion. It stimulates a desire to see beyond the scope of everyday habits and patterns. It also frees the throat chakra, stimulating the mental faculties in order that one may speak their truth with vision and clarity.


Mother Nurture Blend: Contains the flower essences of Pomegranate, Mariposa Lily, Nootka Rose, and Silversword. This blend is for all women...we are all a part of the embodiment of the Universal Mother Template. Whether we are busy mothering our children, our business, our relationships, or our creative projects we are all in need of nurturing and balance. This remedy does just that. It aligns our inner and outer expression so we may find harmony with our busy active lives while finding time to nurture our own needs. It is time for women to value and honor their needs, nourishing body and soul. May you flower into productive beauty and grace in peace.


Radiant Self Blend: Contains the flower essences Iris, Shooting Star, and Indian Paintbrush. This is a best seller! We get such positive feedback about this blend. It opens the creative channels so that you can fully express the potentials of your art, visions, and all creative endeavors. It allows one to be in touch with the individuality of their soul's purpose while supporting the foundation of fertile moist inspiration. It is so great for anyone who feels the well has run a little dry and is need of inspiration, vision, and personal empowerment to be 'magical.'


Wise Woman Elixir: This blend contains: The flower essences of Queen of the Night Cactus, Star Tulip and Sagebrush. This essence helps us to listen deeply to the wisdom within. There are times in our lives when we must slow down, take a break, and tune into the inner voice that guides us toward new horizons of wisdom. This essence helps women to embrace their natural born ability to listen to the voice of wisdom and peace from within.


We will also include a one half ounce bottle of Silversword.


This is a fantastic women's healing package and we are thrilled to offer it to you. We hope you enjoy this gift of treasures that we have put together for you.....please take advantage of the great special. We love you!!



Healing Kit for Women


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