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Grape Hyacinth Flower Essence

Grape Hyacinth Flower Essence carries a quality of group communication and networking. The flower essence knits a fabric of equality within the soul force, inviting the individual to examine the interior of belonging.

Grape Hyacinth Flower Essence

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  • Healing Properties:  When he or she feels excluded or abandoned, be it through crisis or self-defeating behaviors, Grape Hyacinth latches the soul onto a greater template of worth. This essence addresses personal crisis, especially when feeling despair or being out of touch with others.

    Transitional cycles can, at times, create a feeling of isolation. Grape Hyacinth helps to bind the many aspects of the psyche back into a unified whole so that the individual may thrive rather than be deprived.

    As one develops a renewed sense of calm and peace, the many facets of healing may begin. This essence also assists to bridge the third eye or 6th chakra with the spine so that a continuum of communication can take place within the entire body.

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