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Fourth Chakra Flower Essence Blend

Includes: Nootka Rose, Bleeding Heart, Phlox, Borage


Fourth Chakra: Nootka Rose, Bleeding Heart, Phlox, Borage


Nootka Rose gently stimulates the heart chakra to open to Cosmic Love and Wisdom, sometimes understood and experienced only through suffering and pain. Deep roots of this flower remedy reflect tenacity and endurance.


Bleeding Heart Bleeding purifies and strengthens the heart chakra, as well as all emotions concerning love, bringing an open-hearted attitude and soothing the emotions so that one may re-invite the spirit of love into one’s soul body.


Phlox covers the earth with sweet adorning flowers that cling to the mossy ground like a welcoming carpet to the birds and the bees. As a flower remedy, phlox brings peace and softens aggression. It is a sweet drink to the soul, embracing and cloaking one with calming influences.


Borage is an excellent heart remedy, especially for the feeling of heaviness in the heart and perhaps throughout the body. This is the flower essence for courage and optimism. The radiant blue flower crowns the abundant leafy plant with an aura of healing beauty. The essence helps the heart discover love beyond ego, and pride without 'foolish attachment."


Borage can be used when one is feeling heavy hearted and burdened by life's demands, when one needs encouragement to move forward with the grace and support of ones own Self Love.

Fourth Chakra Flower Essence Blend


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