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Black Cohosh Flower Essence

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Black Cohosh flower remedy is a powerful remedy for deep seated transformation. It allows one to detach from addiction, attachment, and abuse.

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Black Cohosh Flower Essence

Healing Properties: Black Cohosh is a powerful cleanser of all impurities and is known as the 'great balancer,' used as a herbal remedy to heal and balance female disorders, assist with child labor, and is an essential remedy for menopause. It's flowering white beauty extends upward from its dark tangled underground root.

Black Cohosh remedy is a powerful remedy of transformation. Those in need of Black Cohosh will find they are ready to steer away from the fears and attachments that rule their life. This essence is an incredible aid for women and men who are ready to leave an abusive relation ship.

Black Cohosh with gnarly roots,
Offering flowers of tender white shoots,
Kali Ma reveals her sword,
Breaking the ties, cutting the cords,
All my demons are eternally free -
Black Cohosh, you transform me.

Latin: Cimicifuga racemosa

Color(s): White

Archetype: Kali, the Goddess of Destruction. Also known as Shakti, or Kali Ma, she is the embodiment of pure female energy for she is the deepest void or womb, where all is born, must die, and be born again. A fierce protector of the universe, her task is to strip away, cut back, and devour all obstructions and hindrances—hence, she is typically associated with the fearful imagery of transmutation, such as a sword held in one of her four arms, and snakes and skulls dangling from her body. She governs the mortal dimensions of human and planetary evolution.

Signature: A summer plant found in shady woods with gnarled and knotty roots which extend deep into the ground. Its pointed white flowers spike upward toward the light.

Healing: With this card, Kali Ma has come to serve you in the deepest possible manner. The Black Cohosh elixir is her tonic; for like her, it is born out of the dark places, revealing all that must be relinquished back to its unfathomable shadows. These healing forces come to your aid at a time of tremendous transformation. Addictive patterns, dysfunctional relationships, self-imposed suffering, and destructive habits of various kinds - all such afflictions are transformed by Black Cohosh.

Kali stands victorious amidst the rooted entanglements of despair. White flowers blossom around her, symbolizing the peace and tranquility that inevitably arise after her raging storm. A rainbow encircles Kali's sword, while her arms offer a kind blessing. Remember, out of your deepest, darkest fears, a new cycle of evolution beckons. Your path to enlightenment is secure; Mother Kali protects you along the way.

* Included in the Power of Flowers Healing Essences Kit

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