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Lilac Flower Essence

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Lilac flower essences helps us to relax into the joy of being. It is perfect for those seeking a less hectic inner life.

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Lilac Flower Essence

Healing Properties:
As a flower essence, Lilac floods the body with new vitality and joy. It is
helpful for depression, melancholy, and low energy due to a lack of self-connectedness.  The essence helps us to relax and to find
peace within nature. It rejuvenates and uplifts.

Lilac flower essences lifts the burdens of life for those
who refuse to allow help from others. It restores the lightness of laughter
within the soul and eases painful memories of the past. Ultimately, Lilac is a
flower of joy, beauty, and vitality.

Latin: Syringa Vlugaris

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