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Sweet Pea Flower Essence

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Sweet Pea flower essence helps us all to find the beauty of our own special talents and services.

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Sweet Pea Flower Essence

Healing Properties: Sweat Pea flower essence is excellent for the earth dweller who does not feel completely at home on Earth. It helps one to harmonize with a broader spectrum of society so that they may find the unique gifts they have to share with the world. This flower remedy is perfect for those individuals who have tender souls, creative gifts, and sweet characteristics, but find it difficult to feel accepted by others. Sweet Pea helps us all to find the beauty of our own special talents and services.

Latin: Lathyrus



The Sweet Pea Story

by Isha Lerner

The Sweet Peas have been climbing up the bamboo trellis outside my office door since early March and they are finally in full bloom. The mixture pink, purple, white, crimson, and blue flowers are singing in the sun, heralding a happy recognition of summer.

I planted the Sweet Pea in honor of my dear friend Lisa who we lost her battle with cancer in December of 2008. She was a prolific gardener and her Sweet Peas were the finest every year. It was about this time each summer when Lisa would arrive for a class or a session with a bundle of Sweet Peas tucked in burlap accompanying edible snap peas, radish, a first summer squash, and some lettuce.

The time was ripe on June 31st to make the Sweet Pea flower essence that I had been wanting to make for some time. The summer sun was rising into a blue sky day and there seemed to be more birdsong in the air than usual. I carefully worked around the Sweet Peas choosing the opened blossoms that seemed so ready and eager for the task on hand. The Sweet Pea essence was ready to set in the sun and I placed it amongst the rooted plant…aside the little garden gnome.

I went to my bookshelf and pulled the poetry book written by Lisa entitled Bright Omens. I opened the book somewhere in the middle, randomly, just to see what message I may find there. Here is the poem:

From Where You Are

You Get a Message to Me

In memory of my sisters

Today a heron stopped

I looked into the blue twilight of her wings and saw the breadth of freedom that belongs to you

Sky in your throat whispering there is more to you than this body

Fixing that soft sentence like a net and I could finally fall

After reading the poem I sat for a bit. I would usually go back into my office to work, but I felt a tug from within and walked back outside to the Sweet Peas. There, near the essence bowl, lay a bright blue feather…. I share my story with love and gratitude that this essence is made with the overlighting grace of Lisa and her cherished heart.

Sweet Pea essence is perfect taken together with Shooting Star. Shooting Star is for those who have a special destiny to complete and must find the endurance and confidence to share these unique gifts with the world. Shooting Star is for those who feel alienated and yet have many offering to share with the world.

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