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The Soul’s Code:Tarot, Fairy Tales, and Karmic Law

While researching and writing The Inner Child: A Fairy Tale Tarot, I was inspired by the profound connections between Tarot and fairy tale mysticism. While researching layer upon layer of hidden mysteries, I launched an earnest endeavor that has led me to a lifetime study and research into the Soul's Code, Incarnation and Destiny.

Through the twenty-two Arcana cards, I've uncovered a pathway that leads to higher consciousness beginning with the Fool and ending with the World Card. This pathway reveals secrets of incarnation, karma, initiation, (hard work of the soul,) liberation, enchantment, and success. I discovered this same pathway to consciousness is found within the story-line of each unique Fairy Tale. Both, the journey through the Major Arcana Cards and the fairy tale mirror an evolutionary path toward revelation and evolution.

For example, The Tower Card’s message suggests liberation from the past, often indicated with lighting flash insights. In Inner Child Cards we connected The Tower with the story Rapunzel that involves a fairy tale protagonist captured by an enchantress (the curse of incarnation) held captive within the tower walls (the initiation), then liberated from the Karmic Law of her Soul Contract, (alchemy and enchantment.) (We each have our own code at birth.)

Ultimately, the interior of Rapunzel’s own awakening called forth sudden events; the cutting of her long braid, (the ego,) and her abandonment into the desert, (search for nourishment), where, stripped from all she had known, must find her way into her new world, (new perspectives and rebirth). We find this is true when we have entered “The Tower Phase” of life perhaps influenced by transformational planetary alignments from Uranus, Neptune or Pluto.

As time progressed working many years with clients, the tarot, and karmic astrology, (Power Mapping) I discovered a three-fold pattern held within a fairy tale, the birth chart of an individual, and the twenty-two Major Arcana cards can be put to good use as revelatory life work. This three-fold pattern consists of Incarnation (the orphan stage), Initiation, (tests and work of the soul) and Enchantment, (liberation, freedom, and healing).

The first layer, Incarnation, is represented by the primordial orphan, the protagonist in the ‘Fool’s Journey’ or ‘Hero’s Journey,’ portrayed often in Jungian and transpersonal psychology as the beginning stage of life. The Orphan represents new beginnings, actual birth, innocence, and the pure child within.

A fairy tale will often begin with an orphaned baby or child, either by the death of the mother or orphaned through other circumstances. This phase mirrors the notion that by the virtue of our own birth, the umbilical that had connected us to the heavenly or spiritual origins of our Soul (The Divine Mother), is released or cut off, thereby setting us afoot upon the earth where we must find our Own Way. Along this path we seek the riches of meaning and destiny. This stage is often represented as The Fool, ruled by the planet Uranus, and governed by the number zero.

The second layer, Initiation, fosters growth as one seeks to identify and conquer limitation or obstacle encountered upon the Earthly path. These challenges are fragments of a shattered past including past lives, and must be repaired or reshaped in order to renew the incarnation blue print at birth. In time, through initiation and hard work of the soul, reward, wholeness and repair will crown the individual. This Initiation profoundly shifts one’s life story, offering well-earned empowerment that may defeat and/or ally with the symbolic dragon, i.e. fears, limitations, and setbacks. This process is found in various Arcana cards such as The Magician, Justice, the Wheel of Fortune, The Hanged One, The Death Card and Temperance

The third layer, Enchantment, liberates limiting constraints held within the individual’s soul pattern, illuminating an ‘Awakening,’ that may arrive from a sudden insight or miraculous moment that can transcend reality into revelation. This is the phase of life when everything must or can change. The experience may involve a ‘Divine Intervention’ such as a teacher, a person, an event, or even a powerful dream. We come to recognize that the odds seemingly stacked against us has been rooted from karmic patterns and may be released and freed in this lifetime. A catalytic rebirth becomes possible. The outcome is experienced as spiritual reward; Alchemy, Enchantment and Transformation.

This third stage enchants or breaks a spell that had been hidden within the unconscious. In fairy tales, this enchantment phase is often personified by the appearance of a genie, a frog turning into a prince, a loving kiss that awakens a sleeping princess, or other magical events that reshape the story. Ultimately, we seek to embody The World Card, where we may heal with a renewed Saturn perspective. We recognize secret gifts, self-love, and creativity as we face obstacles with courage and willingness, and may realize through the astrological blueprint that the planet Saturn actually holds the Pattern of Potential Joy, the seed point of growth.

We are born with a quest for ‘Enchantment.’ Renewal knocks upon the door of the Soul in pursuit of an Inner Light that may reveal the clearest way forward. In the Awakened Stage, the individual’s myth or story changes, reuniting one with Love, Service, and Joy. It is the empowerment and Evolution of The Fool’s Journey.

Research and work with hundreds of clients over the years inspired me to create Power Mapping work. It's my wish to share more information about the Power Mapping/Karmic Imprint process that includes deep healing work including the placement of Saturn in the birth chart and its aspects to personal planets. We find that each individual is a protagonist in their very own Fairy Tale seeking the secrets that lie within the terrain of Destiny.

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