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Geometric Poetry of the Human Soul

Updated: May 5, 2022

There is geometry in the humming of the strings, there is music in the spacing of the spheres. ~ Pythagoras

Sunrise to sunset, flowers adorn our planet in a multitude of ways, and the subtle nature of their exquisite beauty is an eternal blessing to humanity. Even if you lived in a cave, and never actually saw a flower, they would still wrap you in their loving embrace, for the essence of flowers permeates the earth within and without.

There are so many ways to engage with flowers, be it a stroll in the garden, a floral painting on the wall, scented oil from the blossoms, a bouquet of freshly picked flowers, or a vibrational remedy.

We have the option of going to the flowers in any way we choose. My truest love, aside from the mere presence of the flowers themselves, is applying flower essence therapy.

After twenty years of working with the elixirs, it is no longer about believing in them or proving that they work; I know them for the powerful healers they are. I know them as geometric poetry of the human soul. Each flower holds a specific healing pattern that is a miniature holographic universe of its own.

The primary purpose of the Power of Flowers remedies and cards is to invite us to relate with nature more intimately through the practical application of flower essences. It is very important for people to understand that this is not a complicated science set aside for a gifted minority of mystically minded pioneers. The essences are here for all of humanity, rich or poor, and all color and creed.

Edward Bach offered us a peek into the eternal medicine bag of nature, the plants themselves, asserting over and over again that the natural world speaks a language of harmony and goodwill for all of humankind. Bach wrote, "Once we realize our own Divinity the rest is easy."

Flower essences address the conditions of both our spiritual and mortal bodies. If there is discord, disease will follow. Disease is the soul's way of addressing imbalance. For example, negative emotions, such as fear and anger, create rigidity and disharmony in the body and these unhealthy constructs can eventually turn into physical disease.

Flower essence therapy addresses the mental states within us that distort the soul's spiritual journey. Flower essences, working in the sacred space between body and soul, wash away our impurities, and anchor the soul in the rich new soil of encouragement and hope.

All people are invited to use flower essences in their everyday life in order to prevent and cure disease. We are all healers, graced with the virtues of love and compassion. It is the work of our souls to draw this force forward so as to be in service to one another.

There are times, however, when a professional in the art of flower essence diagnoses flowers with great skill. One practitioner may use methods such as muscle testing and hypnotherapy to diagnose flowers, while another may use a pendulum. The most important tool of all, of course, is Love.


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