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Vibrational Energy ~ A Personal Story

Magnetic energy ~ Devic Consciousness ~ a quickened magnetic field of higher vibrational energy and light ~ Subtle matter ~ astral matter …all fields of vibration are magnetic and expansive. Movement at this level is relatively fluid compared to the dense physical plane. The slower moving, dense physical matter is referred to as the Atomic Plane. The quicker moving matter can be considered the Devic Realm, or simply Higher Vibrational Energy. Our universal template is composed of multi-dimensional consciousness from angels, plant devas, flowers, sound, color, and the magnetic force field.

This quickened magnetic field is pure energy and light, and it is Soul Awakening, and I believe it to be a royal gift of multi-dimensional Truth.

I’d like to share a very real experience. Among other intervening experiences…this one is most special.

It is 1990 and I just arrived at the coast in Oregon where I will continue to write the text for Inner Child Cards. My cabin rests on a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean. I recall the force of elemental intrusion that had shocked me out of my sleep the last time I stayed there. I lay my bags and books on a table and arrange my writing desk just the way I want it. I put away the groceries that I brought for my two-week writing retreat. I can’t say why, but I lie down on the bed in this one room cabin and fall asleep. In my sleep I am once again ruffled as if someone is on the bed with me… I resist, and then I feel surrender…soon I am embraced in a sphere of blue, a blue I cannot describe, and will never see again. The blue sphere becomes smaller and smaller until it is a jeweled dot of energy and then, I am in it. I am zinging about the room with quick and blissful movement. I fly over the ocean and then back again to my room. I also know, simultaneously, I am lying on my bed. The duality of this reality does not disturb me. When I return to my body it is a soft landing and these words are heard,” You have just experienced the joy of the universe. It is a permanent force of light that you may tap into whenever you wish. It will never betray you.” My life felt different from that day on…Awakened, I take a long walk on the beach and I am certain I saw a mermaid sitting on a rock that day.

Finding our way through life changing events can prove enchanting and mysterious, offering opportunity to explore the responsibility of what it means to embody a mystical experience. I've understood in my life that I must align my life so as not to get carried away by the awe of these experiences, instead, actualize the gift of this physical life. True knowledge can only live within the individual when, alongside the aspirations for higher consciousness, a full measure of willingness to fulfill a destiny is sought.

A journey into elemental consciousness can be life changing. When we become kindred with the light of vibrational energy, something shifts deeply within the cellular body. It is a visceral experience. It will enchant the soul forever.

I urge everyone who has had a mystical experience to honor your own Truth. Remain humble and full of gratitude...allow this special gift to assist your Human Experience.


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