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The Art and Science of Astrology

We live in a universe that is teaming with life, intelligence, consciousness, and intrinsic order. The configurations of the celestial bodies at the moment of birth reflect a pattern of cosmic thought that initiates the span of a human life and points the direction towards that which the life is headed. The end result is implicit in the beginning moment, as the oak tree is to the acorn.

To the extent that we recognize and live out this innate purpose as an expression of our authentic self, despite the mixture of happiness and suffering that characterizes what it entails to be human, we acknowledge and fulfill the reason for our existence. Astrology provides a map that guides us towards our unique destination and gives the timing for each stage in our life journey.

Having given astrological consultations for forty years, I can honestly say, without doubt, that YES, the astrological natal chart is an empowered tool for self-realization and growth. If you were to ask me if I ‘believe’ in astrology I would say no. Instead, I ‘know’ astrology. Until one has truly studied, researched and worked with the art and science of astrology, the unique and personal attributes of the nature of astrology will not be known.

I’m honored to be one of many astrologers in the world working with the aesthetics of this art, maintaining a reverent and integral approach to its ongoing research and interpretation.

An astrological natal birth chart combines an array of mythic archetypes and depth psychology aimed towards inner healing. We are given techniques to understand specific timing and practical suggestions to help navigate one through the many cycles of living.

A chart is like a seed that gives the genetic code for the growth of certain kind of life form. Our authentic self is the maturation of that seed. The range of our human choice is ideally how to become the best and finest expression of the life that our chart is constructed to support. It’s an honor to work with each individual as they progress and advance within the living code of this lifetime.

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The Art and Science of Astrology is a fascinating subject that blends celestial observations with human psychology. It's like uncovering the universe's secrets while delving into the depths of our own minds. Just as astrology seeks to decode the cosmos, nurses utilize evidence-based practices to decode healthcare dilemmas. For nursing's own celestial journey, visit to explore the guiding stars of evidence-based decision-making.

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