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Shooting Star ~ The Flower of Destiny

Updated: Nov 24, 2022


Shooting Star expands my role,

So I may truly unite,

With the memory of my star-bright soul,

And my mission of cosmic light.

~ From the Power of Flowers book/deck set by Isha Lerner

Shooting Star is a spring flower. It can be found growing in meadows and other wild areas where the soil is rich and fertile, where there is an abundance of water. This beautiful little flower resembles a star or comet zooming to earth-hence, its name.

As a flower essence, Shooting Star is most beneficial to those who feel alienated from the numerous aspects of earthly existence, and suffer deeply for it. Many were the so called ‘black sheep’ of their families, and report a decided lack of affinity with their familial roots. Like the Shooting Star, they possess a highly sensitive disposition and thrive only in very unique environments where individuality can be expressed.

The essence re-patterns the soul force and reconnects them to their true, cosmic origins. Once they have remembered true identity, place of origin, and destiny, most individuals are able to embrace earthly existence, as well as to offer their special gifts earthly service.

This can be a wonderful remedy for the children who have had an especially traumatic birth and may have resisted incarnation. Many of these souls are, in fact, star beings seeking a way to usher in unique flights of spirit they have carried from other worlds. The flower’s archetypal signature is the Star Child. This influence exists in children as well as adults.

As I work with clients in need of Shooting Star, it is often revealed there is something highly unusual and uniquely wonderful about this person, some rare combination of qualities and interests that make for a special being. Along with this gift often comes suffering, associated with feelings of invisibility at the deepest level, combined with a potent longing to be truly seen and affirmed.

Shooting Star has proven itself an excellent remedy for the individual suffering in this way, perhaps because, like the little rocket shaped flower, he or she seems to have zoomed into the Earth realm for some very special reason. This essence offers a potent reminder and celebration of one’s distant origins and unique perceptions and talents.

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