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October Full Moon in Aries: The Awakened Heart

The Aries Full Moon, October 9, is here to open the gates of the Heart and bridge suffering with compassion. Libra sun, opposite the moon, is conjunct Venus, symbolizing the archetypal value of Beauty and the Art of Loving.

The Moon in Aries is conjunct Chiron (Chiron is known as the wounded healer because its energy offers wisdom that can come from our wounds.) It pioneers (Aries) an illumined passage, an opportunity to engage with relationships. Chiron teaches us to experience our wounds as secret portals into deeper understanding and compassion, higher intuition, greater knowledge, and even the potential to help heal and guide others. The truest message is Love in Action.

There are many forms of Love. Might you explore Love through the light of this Full Moon?

Ancient Greek philosophers identified six forms of love: familia love, friendly love, platonic love, romantic love (Philia), self-love, guest love (Xenia) and Divine Love, (Agape.) All forms of Love offer the possibility for surrender, a letting go, a teaching of forgiveness; and a pathway to Courage: a courage stemming from the deepest root of the Human Heart.

How joyous then, to reconnect with renewed compassion; a reunion with the Consort of Loving Wisdom. This wisdom, however, is not ready-made; it is the result of the willingness and acceptance to Be Loved.

As mentioned, Venus, the planet of love and relationships, is highly active under this Full Moon. Relationships are on the front burner. We need to pay attention to our connection with others. If we have known of something we can offer to our relationships, or perhaps carry more compassion for others, this Full Moon smiles upon you.

Also, the harmonic tone of this Full Moon is felt through a powerful triangle configuration known as a Grand Trine, activated by the Sun, Saturn, and Mars. This formation helps one perfect skills, attain goals, and discover the beauty of form in action. Therefore, a hike, a bike ride, or bit of exercise can feel wonderfully satisfying in the coming days.

As hot and fiery an Aries Moon can be, there is enough soothing, healing, and sweet energy to soften the energy of this Full Moon.

In approximately two weeks, the moon will enter the New Moon Phase in the sign of Scorpio. This fertile transformational time rewards the good work of the past Full Moon, planting seeds of hope within the terrain of Love. More Beauty may blossom and your life can be Blessed. Be mindful of the inner work you have been doing and how it has informed a prompting within to share your gifts with others. May you Find Peace.


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