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Learning to Interpret an Astrology Chart

There is so much to assimilate as one transfers cosmic symbols into words. Here are a few guidelines and steps to explore as you begin the storytelling process.


An overall review of these three factors help get an immediate feel of the individual's three fold identity. What elements, signs, houses, and aspects do they carry.

The Sun tells you about a soul quality that shows the aspirations that drive them. The Sun is Fire energy and carries the passions of one's incarnation.

The Moon reveals the inner world and habits influencing the individual. The moon may also illumine one's past, past lives, the mother, childhood, and emotional vibrations. The Moon is Water energy connected to feeling.

The Ascendant is the point of evolution, the rising sign rising at the eastern horizon at the time of birth, hence, only found by knowing the time of birth. This is a personal point, the character worn as a mantle or mask.It's one's first impression, the personality and in a sense, the doorway entry into the interior of the more complex patterns held within the chart.


You will notice if the planets appear heavy on one side of the chart, or above or below. Look for clusters of planets in certain houses. You will get an immediate feel of the inner and outer character of the person. One must learn the Twelve Houses and their influence.

PERSONAL PLANETS: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn

These planets are personal dealing with our own personal profile and everyday experiences. There is so much more to share about Saturn, the Power Mapping Planet, determining key areas of Karmic Growth.

Mercury shows the way we communicate and the use of language, Venus represents relationships, love, core values and the inner feminine. Mars connects us to the Will, active energy, power, competitive drives and the inner masculine. Jupiter connects to expansion, faith, international interests, education, goodwill, and fortune. Saturn is the last of the personal planets, serving as a conduit to Uranus and the outer planets. Saturn offers structure, authority, and the work of the soul, showing where we are to complete old patterns and lessons.

THE OUTER PLANETS: Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto

Outer planets connect the individual with generational influences and collective consciousness. When an outer planet conjuncts or closely aspects a personal planet, there is a dynamic of Soul Force energizing the individual toward Big Lessons,Higher Awareness of that planet influencing personal life, and big opportunities for evolution.

The outer planets: Uranus, planet of revolution, unpredictability, and individuation or eccentric qualities. it is very crucial to understand the influences, for the individual is carrying humanity within their galactic consciousness. Neptune, planet of spirituality, dreams, the unconscious forces, imagination, chaos, possible escape. Pluto, remains a planet in the scheme of things for astrologers. It's mighty healing and transformational energies cannot be denied.


Allow your imagination to expand as you visualize, in some picture form, the life of the individuals 'Instruction Manuel' and Cosmic Plan. You will begin to see a story line connecting personality traits, challenges, and gifts. The more you practice and engage, the more you will find true joy in serving others, offering the messages of their Soul.


There is so much to learn! The study and interpretation of astrology is diverse and immense. We are learning so much about our Universe as we discover new planets, comets, and asteroids. Bringing these vibrations into chart interpretation is exciting. Take time, however, to learn the basics and foundation of astrology so that you may apply knowledge according to practical guidelines. Follow your heart! Enjoy the process! It's an honor to become a storyteller of the stars! ...and Remember, your own inner awareness and willingness to evolve will assist your journey.

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