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Epi-Genetics and Flower Essences (Part 2)

The epigenome is a portion of our DNA differentiated from the genetic code: and unlike other portions of DNA, the epigenome has the ability to mutate throughout one’s lifetime. This topic is widely researched scientifically as well as in the metaphysical world. The research into genetics is helping us to understand the behaviors’ and addicted patterning thought to be static within the DNA structure of the individual. The study of the epigenome is most commonly known as the study of epi-genetics. The Greek prefix- epi in Epigenetics implies features that are “on top of” or “in addition to” genetics; thus Epigenetic traits exist on top of or in addition to the molecular basis for inheritance. It’s only by viewing the body as a multi-dimensional energy system that we begin to approach how the soul manifests through molecular biology.

Vibrational medicine is one of the first scientific approaches seeking to integrate science and spirituality.

Vibrational medicine is one of the first scientific approaches seeking to integrate science and spirituality. The study of epigenetic can cue us into a deeper understanding of our own physical and spiritual existence due to the fact that the epigenome has been demonstrated to change throughout an individual’s lifetime, and has been discovered through research to be affected by positive and negative experiences. The fact that epi-genetic processes are continuously at work and changing indicate that the evolutionary process is in constant motion while we are alive and that we have an exciting part to play in the destiny of our health and destiny.

Progressive research suggests energy imprint, inherited emotions, thought forms, fears, and the behaviors of an individual may be passed down through our ancestral lineage including past lives.

A Nova program entitled Ghost in Your Genes, defines epi-genetics as “a kind of ‘second genome’ that, along with other major factors, account for the surprising differences that can accumulate over time in identical twins. Even though exact DNA is shared, scientists have long puzzled over the different fate of their health and lifestyle. We are discovering there is much more than birth genetics that determines who we are and we now know that there is a network of chemicals that switch genes off and on, collectively referred to as the epigenome. The switches appear to play a major role in everything from how our cells keep their identity to whether we contract disease. Epi-genetic switches may also mold our personalities, or so it appears to Canadian researchers studying a group of epigenetically modified rats. From these studies surface scientific evidence that actions, thoughts, and learning systems can slowly Change the DNA Template.


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