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Cycles of the Flowering Soul: Eight Phases of Initiation

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

As we progress upon the wheel of life, we discover guides and directions, steering us toward highest aspirations. We journey upon the wheel of life together, however, at any given time, a new gate of initiation will open, offering each individual guidance and healing suitable to current situations. Take a moment to read each cycle, and as you ponder and reflect, you may find yourself drawn to one or more gates of initiation. Gently ask yourself: Which gate of initiation is most suitable to my life at this time? I've

added Suggested Flower Essences to each stage of growth in order to enhance and benefit individual evolutionary progress. Flower Essences, the Angels of Nature, offer subtle forces and serve as Helpers for the highest and most beneficial transformation for Self and Others.

Phase One: Working with the Feeling Body. This is a new beginning that can occur at any age. New developmental foundations emerge within. In this stage we connect to the fundamental emotions and memories that have shaped our inner life from childhood up into the present day. This is a time we must revisit this most tender places within and begin to communicate with our Inner Child.

Suggested Flower Essences: Fuchsia, Buttercup, Glacier Lily, White Snow Drops

Phase Two: Grounding and Tending the Garden of the Soul. In this stage of development we recognize the need to see our body as a garden, a place of beauty, and we accept with humility the incarnation we’ve been given. We embody and accept our human life and its connection to earth and the greater cosmos.

Suggested Flower Essences: Nootka Rose, Manzanita, Hibiscus, Angelica, Apple Blossom

Phase Three: A Changing Paradigm. Here we review the facts and/or fiction we have gathered in our mind and emotion regarding our current life, self-value, and life progress. Is there need for change? How can transformation occur? What steps do I need to take to rewrite the script of my inner and outer life as it exists today?

Suggested Flower Essences: Black Cohosh, Dandelion, Fig, Cherry Plum, Black Eyed Susan

Phase Four: Redefining Life and Goals: At this level we explore the possibility of new structures that will support future awakening and life purpose. This is the job of the inner architect and the more creativity one allows, the greater the joy and realization of dreams may prosper.

Suggested Flower Essences: Mountain Pride, Oregon Grape, Larkspur, Saguaro Cactus, Trumpet Vine

Phase Five: Uniting Spirit and Form: At this stage the individual is ready for change and may receive sparks of inspiration. This is a time when the spiritual and material world unites; when the sacred aspects of fulfillment come alive within. The individual allows the letting go process to proceed with ease as a bountiful terrain of fertile opportunities emerges. How may we increase intuition, insight, and trust?

Suggested Flower Essences: Iris, Indian Paintbrush, Borage, Silversword, Lilac

Phase Six: Vibrational Healing: The body has become sweetly enlightened and revelations occur. How then do we recognize the integration of shadow and fear? The beauty of this stage releases limitations from the past due to an awareness of spiritual purpose, trust, and safety. The body vibrates at a higher level with universal energies. There is a greater harmony and increased health.

Suggested Flower Essences: Sunflower, Cosmos, White Magnolia, Purple Aster, Blue Camus

Phase Seven: A New Service: At this stage we explore the beauty of the Heart; the joy of Service. We’re able to give freely of ourselves by offering increased levels of compassion, understanding, and empathy toward others. We are less judgmental of others and discover that we are truly one with the Universe. We are dancing beautifully with our Purpose.

Suggested Flower Essences: Shooting Star, Passion Flower, Rock Rose, Blue Jade Flower

Phase Eight: Natura; Bridging the Divine Feminine, The Soul of Nature, into Everyday life. Eight is a master number. At this stage the entity of Earth and Her Bounty of Fullness is embedded within our consciousness. We take our position on the world stage; we understand with humility that we must fulfill a purpose, and that our work is sacred. We come to understand a more subtle harmony with the environmental and its integrity. Our role in the world has peaked and we are guided to fulfill our Destiny.

Suggested Flower Essences: Morning Glory, Angel’s Trumpet, Blue Columbine, Blue Chicory, Lilac


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