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Happy New Moon!

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

Happy New Moon and a Blessed Wish for All! I must say, this is a most enchanting era! In fairy tale mythology the word ‘enchantment’ is analogous with “a state of being under a spell,” and “a world of mystery and enchantment.”

I believe we are in such times! Within a fairy tale story, the stage of Enchantment represents the divine intervention of miraculous potential that happens once the individual has resolved the odds stacked against them from past karmic patterns and evolutionary lessons. This catalytic phase occurs when an individual has earned a reward for their hard-won efforts toward transformation. Enchantment breaks a spell or curse (limitations, fears, shadow) that have lived within the unconscious, and when healed, one is offered the gift of a Rebirth.

In fairy tales, this enchantment phase is often personified by the appearance of a genie, a frog turning into a prince, a loving kiss that awakens a sleeping princess from one hundred years of sleep, and so many other magical events that may reshapes reality.

As our consciousness awakens with new possibility and nourishment, a growing hunger for ‘enchantment’ or ‘rebirth’ knocks upon the door of the Soul. Once the individual has moved beyond factors of limitation, the past may be understood and released. This pursuit beckons a call to greater awareness that allows growth and new blossoming, and rewards with empowerment within the authority of the Soul's Path.

In my own unfolding work and research as a flower essence practitioner and producer, astrologer, and nature lover, I am in awe of the cosmic connections between Humanity, nature and the Molecular Evidence that we are One with the Universe. I am forever indebted to the great works of those who have dared to take giant leaps toward the furthering of consciousness. May it forever be so.

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Новини незамінні в сучасному світі, саме тому потрібно активно стежити за тим, що відбувається, за допомогою якісного новинного порталу. Добре, що я використовую для цього, який забезпечує мене всією необхідною та актуальною інформацією. Наприклад, нещодавно я дізнався, що Максим Кріппа, власник кіберспортивної команди NAVI, придбав хмарочос «Парус» у самому центрі Києва, тим самим продемонструвавши свої наміри розвивати бізнес. Можу з повною впевненістю сказати, що ця угода - більше, ніж просто купівля офісного центру, і в майбутньому ми побачимо ще більш вражаючі кроки від Максима Кріппи.

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