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Heal with the Power of Flowers!

With Isha Lerner


In Support of an Awakened Consciousness in a Changing World

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Schedule a Flower Essence Session with Isha Lerner! Tune in to what flowers your body, spirit and mind need right now for optimal healing.

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Look to the Stars! Schedule your Astrology Session with Isha Lerner and Shop Popular Astrology Reports Customized for Your Birth Chart!


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Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours.

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Isha Lerner - About Isha

About Isha Lerner

Get to know Isha Lerner, creator and producer of Power of Flowers and explore a taste of her studies, life and career.

Isha Lerner Consultations - Power of Flowers


Isha offers flower essence, astrology, tarot, and Power Mapping Sessions. Her expertise spans 40 years as scholar, teacher, author.

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Beautifully written and downloaded for you! An affordable peek into your astrology analysis, transits, numerology, and all about women reports!

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Enjoy a Free One-Card Reading from one of our publications. Wonderfully accurate! 

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All Things Enchanted:
A Podcast with Isha Lerner

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What are Flower Essences?

The Power of Flower Essences are produced using the traditional sun/water method as introduced by the late Edward Bach. Our Flower Remedies are preserved in pure spring water, high quality brandy and contain the imprint of the flower’s beautiful  healing application. Power Flower Blends (Crafted Blends, Chakra Blends, and Inner Child Blends) are sold in one ounce dropper bottles and all single flower essences and Urban Essentials are sold in half ounce bottles. Learn more

Why we need Flower Essences

As humanity faces global transformation, we seek new forms of adaptation and sustainability. The current global crisis revealed the importance of a well-balanced and wholistic health wisdom. In uncertain times we need flower essences to invoke peace and calmness during transition, to revive joy and optimism, to seek forgiveness towards self and others, and deepen connection in all relationships. Our inner life calls for clarity and trust. Flower Essences help us gain insight into life direction and purpose. In changing times, taxed emotional and mental energy requires strengthening so we may resurrect the sacred in everyday life and encourage faith and confidence within. Flower Essences are beneficial for all: adults, children, and animals alike.


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