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Inner Child Card

Inner Child Cards connects the integrity and wisdom of the major arcana with the purity and mysticism of fairy tales. Through the stories of childhood new insights are found to aid our life's progression. The images invoke the power of imagination and mystical devotion while exploring archetypal truths about the human experience. Inner Child Cards offers an opportunity to call upon the enchanted inner muse as a means toward self-discovery and inspiration. Choose the Inner Child Cards when you need a reflection of your soul's original purity and intention, and allow them to serve as the 'magic mirror' of your higher consciousness.

Triple Goddess Tarot

The Triple Goddess Tarot Online Reading offers you one of the twenty-six archetypal Goddess images, revealing the current healing and transformation process taking place in your life today. One of the seven chakra cards will accompany the image, bringing you knowledge of your body's needs as they relate to your current stage of healing and transformation.

You may also consult the Triple Goddess Tarot with questions or inquiries regarding the major lessons and learning you are to master in this lifetime, which I refer to as your Karmic Imprint. The accompanying chakra image will indicate the area of the body supporting your life. The Alchemy card mirrors an archetypal healing Goddess who guides and supports your voyage of evolution and initiation.

Power of Flowers

The thirty-two images in the Power of Flower Cards each depict a flower associated with a human archetype or myth, illustrating the interdependence of spiritual and temporal worlds. Flowers mirror the human realm, and aid in the process of 'actualizing the divine' within each individual. Flowers are the crowning glory of nature with their delicate yet vibrant essence. They awaken us to the angelic realm, serving as an elixir to the human soul and a remedy for the maladies that plague the human spirit.

Flowers, and the Power of Flowers Cards, offer themselves up for the privilege of helping us embrace our destiny as spiritual beings-to fully awaken our wise and compassionate natures.

If you feel in resonance with your chosen flower you may order the flower essence directly Online from your card interpretation page. Enjoy the bounty of nature, and may the flowers encourage and guide your every step upon the fertile earth.

Organic Essences

All Power of Flowers Healing Essences are made from pristine pure organic wild flowers in their natural habitat.

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Flower Essence Blends

Our essential blends are carefully crafted to insure a harmonic resonance with the chosen flowers.

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Children's Essences

These magical, healing essences for children are tied to our Best Selling Inner Child Cards.

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International Work

We are honored to be a part of a global consciousness in the field of flower essence application, research, & study.

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Free One-Card Reading from our Power of Flower, Inner Child, or Triple Goddess Tarot by Isha Lerner. 

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Isha Lerner is an international leader in her field of metaphysics and is available for individual sessions.

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