Vibrational Healing: The Power of Flowers

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The following excerpt is from Isha Lerner’s book: Power of Flowers.

“It is good to know our universe. What is new is only new to us.” ~ Pearl S. Buck

Through the ages, shamans, priests and priestesses, medicine women and men, herbal alchemists, botanists and holy people from all walks of life have sought a clearer understanding of the natural world around them. They have listened reverently to the voice of Nature approaching Her as one approaches a beloved consort. In turn, through Her trees, flowers, seeds, leaves, fruits, and berries She has offered the knowledge of healing and sustainability, revealing Herself fully only to those who will listen with heart and soul.

Our medicines of today have evolved from the study of herbology, botany, and biology. The healing properties of herbs have been identified through the centuries by studying their growth cycles, appearance, location, color, and movement. Homeopathy is yet another way in which plants are employed as healers. We learn through homeopathy that like cures like, and nature overcomes nature. Human beings are readily cured, soothed, and enlightened by the medicinal magic of plants. The more we are in tune with the vibration of the soul of nature, the more She will impart Her gifts. There have been many pioneers in the field of alternative medicine who have listened intently enough to receive nature's teachings. For example, pictures from the early Renaissance era show herbalists and alchemists at work concocting elixirs, remedies, salves, and tinctures.

More recently, pioneering work in these fields has brought to our attention the healing properties of high vibrational healing modalities. The word vibration has become synonymous with energy, for we have learned that our bodies are fields of vibrating energy. Contained within each person's energetic field are a least seven major energy centers known as chakras. The relationship of these centers to physical and spiritual well-being has been studied by Eastern teachers and religious adepts since antiquity. Fortunately, due to a resurgence of interest in esoteric matters, we are once again undertaking this kind of study. As we open in this way it is imperative that we study the energetic fields and vibrational patterns of the rest of the natural world, as well, for we deny the wisdom of Mother Nature at our own peril.

One of the great names in the field of vibrational healing is Edward Bach, the founding father of the Bach Flower essences which he brought to the attention of the medical establishment in England in the 1930's. Dr. Bach was a sensitive and contemplative man who dedicated his life to humanity, tirelessly seeking ways by which to alleviate human suffering and bring joy to the human spirit. A medical doctor steeped in the integral field of homeopathy, Dr. Bach began to case study the healing effects of the flower's essence. It was derived, and he further supposed, that when ingested by human beings, the essence of the flower would match vibrational patterns stored within the genetic miasmas of the human body.

How fortunate for us that Dr. Bach was such an astute observer of the plant kingdom, for his theories proved correct. His thirty-eight remedies have aided humanity for over sixty years, paving the way for other, like-minded individuals (i.e. Isha Lerner) to engage in similar efforts-creating new varieties of flower essences for the greater good.

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Isha is an internationally-acclaimed astrologer, best known for her groundbreaking work related to karmic imprints and past-life astrology (Power Mapping). She is also highly-regarded for her expertise in Flower Essence healing and Tarot interpretation. Read more

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