The Seven Chakras and Flower Essences

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Image The Seven Chakras and Flower Essences

In my work as an astrologer, flower essence practitioner, and tarot consultant, I’ve been honored to work with thousands of clients across the globe. In my work, the ‘embodiment principle’ has been paramount, assisting individuals through the process of finding a safe home within the body.

Humanity’s intricate human experience consists of layer upon layer of karmic imprints, memory, cellular DNA, family origins, and an extraordinarily complex, yet simple, energy known as Chi, or, Universal Energy. This magnetic flow of vitality empowers body, mind, and soul, supporting the Vibrational Flow within the entire body. It is also known as the Chakra System; the seven (plus) vertical orbs of light that balance the vertical alignment of focus and balance within the human body.

The chakras appear in many traditions, and have been studied in the schools of yoga and tantra. This life force has many names and cultural associations such as Prana, Chi, Holy Spirit, Kundalini, Manna, Tao, and Body Matrix, and can be adjusted and maintained like any other part of the human body.

The seven chakras are located along the central channel that corresponds to the spine in the physical body. This energetic pathway is also known as the ‘Rainbow Bridge’, a living link between Heaven and Earth. Ancient depictions of the chakra system show the life force in the form of a coiled serpent at the base of the spine. Various yogic techniques and exercises help practitioners activate this potent spiritual energy. The martial art known as Tai Chi means, rainbow energy, and is one modality that assists the individual to harmonize the entire body and fill it with Living Light.

The seven chakras move upward throughout the body in the color sequence of the rainbow. Each of the seven chakras is associated with a particular organ of the body, emotion, spiritual energy, and life vibration.

I will explore each of the seven chakras, connecting each to specific flower essences. (Flower essences, a vibrational healing system, floods each chakra with light and balancing energies.)

First Chakra: Located at the base of the spine and the back of the knees. Its Sanskrit name is Muladhara, meaning, “root support.” It is associated with the color red, the element of earth, and the sense of smell. This Chakra connects one to the earth and reveals patterns related to issues of insecurity, fear, greed, safety, and prosperity.

Red relates to self-awareness, representing survival, stability and grounding. The color red provides power that is accessed from the core of the earth, extending energy throughout the entire neurological system. Everything that is to be commenced needs the life vitality of red.

Flower Essences: Hibiscus, Pomegranate, Fulva Red Iris, Douglas Fir, Ponderosa Pine, Apple Blossom, Rose, and Angelica, Mountain Pride, Shooting Star, Aloe Vera and Manzanita.

Second Chakra: Located between the pubic bone and the naval. Its Sanskrit name is Svadhishthana, meaning, “dwelling place of the self.” It is associated with the color orange, the element water, and the sense of taste. This chakra aligns a person with the procreative organs, the pelvis, the sacrum, and the soles of the feet. The patterns of imbalance associated with this energy center are creative stagnation, fear, sterility, lust, inertia, and unconscious somatic memories.

Orange is the color of success, passions, sexuality, and creativity. An emotional stimulant, orange aligns the individual to the senses, helping with inhibitions. Tapping into one’s universal life flow magnetizes the individual boosting adaptability, independence, social prowess, creativity, and freedom.

Flower essences: Hibiscus, Zinnia, California Poppy, Oriental Poppy, Fireweed, Fuchsia, Indian Paintbrush, Iris, and Mimulus,

Third Chakra: Located in the solar plexus, the lumbar spine, and the umbilicus. Its Sanskrit name is Manipura, meaning “city of jewels.” It is associated with the color yellow, the element fire, and the sense of sight. This chakra is also associated with digestion. The key patterns of imbalance are anger, self-denial and lack of integrity, inertia, confidence and an inability to take leadership. When in balance, the third charka helps us to accept our own individuality and to feel ‘at home’ on earth.

Yellow relates to self worth and how we feel about ourselves and how others perceive us. This is the area of ego and will. Yellow offers clarity of thought, increases awareness, and stimulates curiosity.

Flower Essences: Blackberry, Sunflower, Buttercup, Dandelion, Mustard, Evening Primrose, Glacier Lily, Meadow Blend, Wall Flower and Sweet Pea.

Fourth Chakra: This energy center is located between the shoulder blades, the heart region, and the palms of the hands. Its Sanskrit name is Anahata, meaning, “unstruck.” Mostly known as the Heart Chakra and associated with the color green, it activates the sense of touch. This chakra aligns the respiratory and circulatory systems with emotional energies. Patterns of imbalance create over-attachment and neediness, an inability to receive, emotional paralysis, feelings of abandonment, sexual dissatisfaction, and conditional love.

Green relates to love and the ability to give and receive unconditionally. When balanced, the individual offers love freely learning to nurture self and others. When in alignment one may relax the muscles and experience a soothing of nerves and thoughts. This chakra cleanses the auric field wherein a sense of renewal may be restored.

Flower Essences, Nootka Rose, Bleeding Heart, Purple Crocus, White Crocus, Apple Blossom, White Magnolia, Lavender, Phlox, and Forget Me Not.

Fifth Chakra: This energy center is located at the back of the neck and throat region. Its Sanskrit name is Vishuddha, meaning “pure.” Mostly known as the Throat Chakra, and associated with the color blue and the element ether or space, it activates the sense of hearing and speaking. This chakra purifies communication and speech patterns. Patterns of imbalance include unresolved grief, fear of judgment, speech impediments, hesitancy, decision-making and all hindrances related to self-expression and inspiration.

Blue relates to self-expression, speech and communication. It activates the Spirit of Truth and Purpose. A mentally relaxing color, blue has a pacifying effect on the nervous system and can assist with sleep problems, hyperactive children, and nervous energy. The color blue inspires holistic thought; the aspect of human development that inspires wisdom, clarity and self-expression through speech. 

Flower Essences: Snap Dragon, Morning Glory, Lilac, Angel’s Trumpet, Borage, Giant Blue Iris, Larkspur and Violet.

Sixth Chakra: This energy center is located on the forehead and between the eyebrows. Its Sanskrit name is Ajna, meaning “command” or “perception.” Known as the Third Eye, the color indigo/cobalt transcends the elements and activates the physical senses, opening the gateway to cosmic attunement. It invigorates the cerebellum. Patterns of imbalance include lack of vision, imagination, and an inability to connect with devotion and higher love.

Indigo relates to responsibility; responsibility for one's Higher -099Understanding and Divine Guidance. This chakra energy center, when in balance, motivates one to follow the soul's path with trust. The key work is intuition; the ability to see things from a 'higher' viewpoint rather than through the ego of desire. The indigo energy connects the individual with the unconscious self, and offers the experience of Universal Wholeness. When in balance one is endowed with intuition, imagination, psychic powers, and increased dream activity.

Flower Essences: Cat’s Ear, Purple Water Lily, Sagebrush, Silversword, Pansy, Passion Flower, Queen of the Night, and Ashley Michelle Iris.

Seventh Chakra: This energy center is located at the top of the head. Its Sanskrit name is Sahasrara, meaning “thousand-petaled lotus.” Known as the Crown Chakra, this chakra is associated with the color violet, and reaches beyond space and time into the highest realms of the infinite and eternal. It controls the cerebral cortex and opens one to very high spiritual vibrations. Patterns of imbalance include self-delusion, escapism, lack of clarity, and a tendency to glamorize the spiritual world or indulge in spiritual materialism. In balance the individual is illumined with intuitive guidance and the gift of ‘seeing.’

Violet relates to self-knowledge and spiritual awareness. The highest potential of this energy is union with the Light Body. The violet energy connects us to our spiritual purification that may enhance focus and connection with meditation, yoga, dreams, and universal understanding.

Flower Essences: Lotus, Orchid, Bells of Ireland, Fig, Silversword, and Cat’s Ear.

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