The Healing Protection of Flower Essences for Children

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Many children in our world today face a stressful and emotionally challenged life due to an accelerated, fast-paced environment. The purity of their spirit, still connected to threads of golden light above them, is tempered by their exposure to strong images through the media and technology, Today’s child meets an array of complex circumstances that were ordinarily reserved for mature adults capable of assimilating issues such as divorce, sophisticated technology, unsettled domestic problems, body image awareness, sexual images and violence. With footprints barely planted upon life’s terrain, our children are burdened with fear, doubt, confusion, and a host of maladies that threaten our world.

More and more children diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and other psychological ailments are unsettled by a lifestyle too harsh and unpredictable to digest. In response, modern society doses them with dangerous drugs and sedatives, treating the outer layers of their behaviors and symptoms, while ignoring the cause of their internal conflict and wounding. The child is left hostage to a host of side effects and is often robbed of true creativity and expression. (One should never disregard the need for medical intervention when severe symptoms indicate an inability to function or sleep, severe numbing of the emotions, and depression.) In far too many cases, we are most eager to prescribe pills and “quick fix” solutions to an array of disorders that can be helped and often cured by a change in environmental influences, vibrational remedies, acupuncture, massage, and proper nutrition.

Indications of stress in family and social life are bedwetting, nail biting, hair chewing, rocking back and forth, and a need for constant attention and activity. (This trait is also found in children who possess a highly charged nervous system and electromagnetic field. Early detection of the child’s true constitution can be found in the astrological profile and can prove to be very helpful in understanding the true needs of the child). Acute symptoms of stress are indicated by violent behaviors such as hitting and screaming, and a lack of social awareness within the school environment, with peers, and within the family structure. Without judgement or blame, in this article I address these issues as a means to awaken us to the greater needs of our children – the foundation of our future generation.

What can be done to stabilize our youth within the “pressure cooker” of today’s busy world? How do our children observe our every day behaviors and habits? In a world of chaos and uncertainty, where will our children find peace? Most importantly, what can we do to soften the harsh realities of their busy life and provide assurance and protection against the all too “adult” world they live in? As parents and guardians it is our responsibility to examine our life choices and the core foundation of our values. How do we use our resources?

We may not have all the answers. We can, however, open our minds and hearts so that we may seek greater wisdom regarding the unique destinies our children hold. I am certain our children of today have chosen to be born during this period of change and chaos in order to bring forward a new consciousness. Inventing new ways to foster their genius and individuality lights the lamps of their souls and allows us to bridge the gap between our own learning curve as parents and the brilliant potentials our children offer to the world.

This article is designed to offer practical solutions to our children’s needs by means of flower essence therapy. Flower essences enable us to administer balance and overall health to children and aid us in addressing the wide range of complex issues they face each day. Flower essence therapy involves the application of flower essences in the context of an overall program of health enhancement, either in a professional practice or home care. Although the word “therapy” is translated from the Greek root theripia, meaning “to cure and treat a disease,” it also holds a broader context meaning “service.” The word therapeuein means “to take care of.” It is in this sense of service and care that we speak of flower essence therapy. It is a way to nurture, foster, and sustain health with the loving forces of nature, administered with care and wise human attention.

Flower essences match the vibration of the soul as a means to balance the physical body with the highly accelerated vibration of the “devic”, or soul body. Ultimately, a flower essence - an oral remedy - will harmonize the auric field as a means of strengthening the true character of the individual. Flower essences harmonize the mind/body relationship, allowing for a holistic approach to a greater life energy and health. It would be wise for anyone interested in the further study of flower essences to research and study the system of energy fields and the etheric body as it relates to the emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental bodies of the human being. In broad terminology, we might describe flower essences as a kind of “soul healing”, a medical choice sadly ignored by most medical establishments. New modalities of healing come to the collective’s attention when the broader population is witnesses a decay in the old foundation of health, family life, and personal growth. In regard to our children and our attempt to help them flourish, flower essences are an important addition to a comprehensive healing program.

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