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Soul/Body Ecology Kit

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Awaken the source of light that lives within!

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Soul/Body Ecology Kit

Our Soul/Body Kit addresses symptoms of the human condition, awakening the source of light that lives within the infrastructure of the DNA and genetic code.

Our kit includes a one ounce bottle of Clear the Aura Blend, and five one half ounces of the following essences; Pine, Aloe Vera, Dandelion, Blackberry, and Iris.

It is a layered treatment Plan. It is created with the premise that it is essential for each of us to do our own ‘clearing’ and purification as a preparation to do the great work. Just as the ecology of the earth is shifting, the ecology of our bodies shifts as well. Flower essences accelerate the frequencies and patterns held within the body and restore balance within the eco system of our emotional/physical life that may have become laden with sorrow, grief, shame, fear, or a lack of vitality and stamina.

The Layering Process


First layer: Clear the Aura Blend and the Pine essence. Add four to seven drops of the essences into a glass of clear water or drop them under the tongue.


Second layer: Aloe Vera... offers regenerative energies to the individual preparing one for the restorative process. The essence clears body burn out and brings relief to the stresses of life.


Third layer: Dandelion.... assists the body to release and let go of body tension and brings light to very old rigid patterns. Dandelion is a very persistent flower, as it can grow between the cracks of cement, and therefore represents an energetic that will push through the cement of the hardened emotions and hurt. Take this essence for three weeks.


Fourth and final layer: Blackberry and Iris combined. Blackberry boosts the energy system as a means to overcome lingering set backs that are in need of release and will give a creative kick start to the system. Iris, the paint brush of the soul, embraces you with vitality and creative inspiration. You will begin to feel energetically alive and this layering process will prepare you for rewarding work of the soul and your future. As the planet heals and shall you....and this balance of life will increase the energy needed to heal. The co-creative process between nature and humanity is celebrated. The good work on earth is strengthened by your process...and it is splendid.


The Flower Essences:


Clear the Aura Blend: Contains: Apple Blossom, Pink Yarrow, Crab Apple, and Sagebrush. Clear the Aura Blend can be taken orally or put in a spray bottle with fresh water and used as a mist to clean the air in homes and office spaces. It is incredible. It cleans and revitalizes old energy, negative or dense energy, and cleanses the body inside and out. Very good for healing professionals who wish to keep their office space clean and clear.


Pine: Pine is an essence of clearing and purifying old issues of guilt, shame, and resentment. We feel that this is a universal template ready to be released and cleared in every human on earth. Therefore, we are adding this to be taken with the Clear the Aura Blend.


Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera relieves burn out and restores the energy needed to take healthy action in the world. When an individual is running the fuel tank toward empty in the body and yet still pushes forward with force and insistence, a real burn our takes place. It is then that the individual ignores the call to address the needs of the physical and emotional body. This imbalance can cause later damage to the entire system. This is why we have brought Aloe Vera to you at this a means to regenerate and balance the body so that it may receive the benefit of the next layer of flowers to come.


Dandelion: Dandelion releases tense body muscles and held in stress. It creates a channel of energy to flow so that the emotional repertoire may have a place to re-connect with the vitality of the soul force of the individual. Dandelion’s can grow through the crack of the sidewalk, and this same persistent energetic pattern is reflected on two levels...the essence heals our own pushing energy that has become a drain...and, the essence reconnects our soul/body alignment so that we may find peace within the process of progress.


Blackberry: Blackberry is a tremendous energy booster by bringing the creative energies ‘down to earth’ and workable. It gives you a great deal of renewable light and an earnest goal orientation.


Iris: Iris is pure beauty, and means "rainbow." This is just what this essence offers. It offers a palate of rainbow consciousness from which to navigate. The moist beauty of the plant engages with the dryness of the ready to drink from the ‘cup of plenty’ preparing one to add color and inspiration to life.

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