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Seven Essential Blends Kit

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Our little “Medicine Chest” for the Soul.

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Seven Essential Blends Kit

The Seven Essential Blends Kit is designed as a little “Medicine Chest” for the Soul. The exclusive blends are packaged in a beautiful storage box. Makes a perfect addition to one’s healing practice, or, offer as a special gift for family, friends, and clients. Our essential blends come in one ounce dropper bottles.

The flower essence blends included in the Seven Essential Blends Kit are:

A Child’s Blend: Illumines the Treasures of Self and Soul

A Child’s Blend is perfect for children and adults alike who wish to engage with the original gifts and talents of their True Self. This blend inspires joy, love, and the acceptance of individuation, helping one to bring to earth their own special gifts and beauty. Contains: Buttercup, Shooting Star, Sophie’s Rose, and Zinnia

Clear the Aura Blend: Body / Mind / Spirit Purification

Clear the Aura Blend can be taken orally or put in a spray bottle with fresh water and used as a mist to clean the air in homes and office spaces. It is incredible. It cleans and revitalizes old energy, negative or dense energy, and cleanses the body inside and out. Very good for healing professionals who wish to keep their office space clean and clear. Contains: Wild Apple Blossom, Pink Yarrow, Crab Apple, and Sagebrush

Heal the Heart Blend: Heals All Matters of the Heart

Heal the Heart Blend soothes and comforts those who have lost a loved one, a relationship, and have been heart-broken in some manner. This remedy is perfect for those who have been carrying deep grief within and is now ready to release and free it. It brings peace to the soul and eases the anxiety held in the solar plexus. This blend gently heals all matters of the heart including divorce and heartache due to relationship stress, as well as mends the aura around the heart chakra due to childhood trauma. Contains: Bleeding Heart, Nootka Rose, Purple Crocus, and Fuchsia

Love Elixir: Illuminating Divine Love

Love Elixir is the Power of Flower’s own “Love Potion #9.” It is for those who are now ready to open their hearts to love and sexuality on a higher plane or vibration. It is a tremendous remedy for couples to take together as a means to inspire soul intimacy and trust. This remedy is also used for those who are healing old scars regarding issues of sexuality. It heals, uplifts and opens the heart. The Love Elixir is especially helpful for communication and trust issues. With the added Evening Primrose this essence blend enhances an awareness of how we use our language and verbal skills with our partner. This essence softens the edge so that we may find harmony in our associations with the beloved. Contains: Calla Lily, Rose, Evening Primrose, and Yellow Monkey Flower

Purpose and Destiny Blend: Follow Your Path with Courage and Insight

Purpose and Destiny Blend inspires one to manifest their career and creative dreams with focus and intention, strengthens an understanding of leadership, and motivates the individual to visualize and reach their goals. Contains: Mountain Pride, and Larkspur, Sunflower, Indian Paintbrush

Radiant Self Blend: Actualizing Your Creative Potential

Radiant Self Blend acts as a rainbow paint brush to the soul. It opens the channel for creativity, self expression, and moistens the interior of the being so that one is able to feel and flow with the waters of their own creative stream. Very useful for artists, writers, and all who wish to engage with inspiration on all levels. Contains: Iris, Indian Paintbrush, and Shooting Star

Yoga Blend: MeditationRelaxationAttunement

Yoga Blend aligns and strengthens the spine, relaxes the nerves and stimulates an opening to one’s higher channels of inspiration and meditation. Contains: Lotus, Cat’s Ear, Lavender, and Silversword

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