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Sagebrush Flower Essence

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Sagebrush flower essence purifies the heart, mind and body, accelerating personal evolution.

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Sagebrush Flower Essence

Healing Properties: Sagebrush flower essence purifies the heart, mind and body, accelerating personal evolution. Sagebrush flower remedy helps us to see through our well worn patterns, addictions, and attachments so negative thought forms and self-effacing habits can be eliminated. Combined with California Poppy, it is a wonderful essence for freeing one’s self from drug addiction, or any other form of addictive characteristics.

Sagebrush, Holy Herb,
Empty my soul,
Your yellow flowers are stars in the night,
My ignorance and suffering are brought to light.

Latin: Artemisia caucasica

Color(s): Yellow

Archetype: White Buffalo Calf Woman. White Buffalo Calf Woman is associated with the mysteries of the Sacred Pipe of the Lakota Tribe. She gave teachings regarding the cycles of the earth’s evolution, and introduced an awareness of the sacredness of all life: the four-leggeds, the winged birds; grandmother and grandfather earth wisdom; and all that grows upon the earth.

Signature: An extremely hardy evergreen shrub or woody perennial distinguished by its interesting leaf patterns, silvery gray or white aromatic foliage, and small yellow flowers. Its leaves are woven into sticks of incense and used for ritual cleansing.

Healing: There are times in our lives when we are faced with the choice either to realign ourselves to higher principles, through purification of thought word, and deed, or to turn our backs on such a precious opportunity. The presence of this card indicates that you may be standing at such a crossroad in your won life. The choice you now make could take you to the core of self-realization or leave you relatively unchanged and stagnant. White Buffalo Calf Woman brings you courage to take the necessary steps to personal transformation, reminding you of the sweetness that shines within your heart. She sustains you with her abundant and unconditional love. Through her, the Wakan Tanka, or Great Spirit, comes to you, purging you of the impure intentions that have brought much suffering to your soul. You may wish to smudge your home, your body, your altar, or whatever space you use for meditation and prayer. As you seek to live your life in reverence for all of life, remember to give thanks to White Buffalo Calf Woman, the harbinger of cosmic justice, love and peace. Know that your life is capable of great transformation at this time.

* Included in the Power of Flowers Healing Essences Kit

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