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Your Card: Lotus

Latin: Nelumbo nucifera

Color(s): Pastel pink, yellow-centered petals.

Archetype: Quan-yin. Quan-yin offers reassurance and inspiration as you begin your spiritual quest for full awakening, appearing to you in whatever form will most aid you on your journey.

Signature: A water plant with roots reaching deep into the muddy earth. Its petals close each night with the moon and open with the sunrise. In the center of the flower is a capsule containing thousands of nut-like seeds capable of sprouting after lying dormant for centuries.

Healing Properties: Lotus stimulates the seventh (crown) chakra to open to Divine inspiration and Spiritual liberation. Your yearning for enlightenment is witnessed, honored and fulfilled.

Healing: In the East, the Lotus is considered a perfect microcosmic reflection of the growth of human consciousness through three stages of evolution: ignorance, skillful means, and enlightenment. At the first stage, corresponding to ignorance, the Lotus roots extend upward from the muddy lake bottom. At the second stage, corresponding to skillful means, the Lotus stem is caressed and supported by the water. Finally, at the third stage, corresponding to enlightenment, the Lotus flower blossoms into the light of day.

Quan-Yin comes to you at this moment to reassure and inspire you in your spiritual quest for full awakening. As a bodhisattva of infinite compassion, She appears to you in whatever form will most aid you on your journey. Your yearning for enlightenment is witnessed, honored and fulfilled.

Quan-Yin sits on the Thousand Petaled Throne, the tantric symbol for the "yoni," or feminine principle. She honors the water of life, the Great Womb of Suchness, wherein all beings reside - whether in ignorance or in an enlightened state. Pregnant with all possibilities, She makes even the most profound realization possible, and no one awakens without embracing Her feminine nature in the process. This card signifies spiritual birth. The vessel at Quan-Yin's side is a gift of Her mysteries offered to you. You are crowned with the Thousand Petaled Lotus for many seeds of wisdom are germinating within you. What new level of realization are you about to birth?

Note: This flower essence is made by the Flower Essence Services. You can contact them at: FES. P.O. Box 459, Nevada City, CA 95959

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