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Passion Flower Flower Essence

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Passion Flower healing remedy seeks to purify the kundalini forces, strengthening one’s connection to unconditional love.

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Passion Flower Flower Essence

Healing Properties: Passion Flower - Flower Essence helps us understand the deepest possible meaning of our own personal suffering, after which it assists in the ascent to our truest calling of service on the planet. It seeks to purify the kundalini forces which coil upward around the spine, strengthening one’s connection to selfless service and unconditional love, as well as drawing one closer to angelic messengers and galactical star patterns. Passion Flower, flower remedy draws one close to the force of forgiveness and sets one free from the feeling of condemnation or a feeling of having been “crucified’ in this life, or, a past life.

Holy flower of the vine,
Passion Flower you are thine,
Rise above to star-light Sun,
Showering compassion on everyone.

Latin: Passiflora incarnata

Color(s): Flesh or Yellow tinged with Purple Blossom with an Orange ovoid containing hundreds of black seeds

Archetype: Christos, Krishna. Both Jesus (Christos) and Krishna were born of sacred female divinity, their forthcoming births announced to the world by a brilliant star. Both were hailed as World Saviors who had descended to Earth in order to refine and attune the masses to the principle of heart-centered truth. Their truest mission is to reflect the latent divinity locked within each mortal being, serving as a living mediator between Heaven and Earth so that the continuing passion of the soul can be understood and realized.

Signature: A climbing vine with beautiful flesh or yellow colored blooms tinged with purple. Each contains five stamen and nestled in their midst is a ripe, orange colored ovoid containing hundreds of black seeds, each with a delicious, fruity interior.

Healing: When Passion Flower comes to you, you are called to the inner sanctuary of your soul in order to resurrect the Divine Love and Compassion held therein. Like the vine of the Passion Flower, you reach ever upward, through whatever suffering and hardship you have experienced on your long journey, to the source of all light, which is true Self-Knowledge. While Krishna plays his magical flute, sounding the divine chords and notes of the heavens, a wave of eternity breaks behind him, and an angel, wrapped in Passion Flower wings, brings a message of Divine conception to the initiate. You are being shown your own soul's journey at this time, for you come from the stars of heaven to this earthly abode.

Satya Sai Baba, a modern day Avatar living in Puttaparti India, is, like the Avatars of old, an embodiment of Divine Love. The woman holding a jug of water represents His Holiness, for his mother was said to have received the light of a star-burst or illumination as she gathered water just prior to his conception. Once again you are given a symbol of your sacred origins, for we are all holographic images of the same Divine Reality. Like Krishna and Christ before him, Satya Sai Baba knows the true meaning of I Am Consciousness. He asks that we all recite the following prayer many times a day: " I Am God, I Am Not Separate From God. Remember who you are. Blessings."

* Included in the Power of Flowers Healing Essences Kit

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