New Moon in Aquarius

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Image New Moon in Aquarius

Today’s New Moon is sponsored by Aquarius! What a line up! A baby born today carries quite a soul! I wanted to write a detailed report, sat with paper and pen while inspecting aspects and possibilities and found it difficult to put this New Moon energy into words. Felt a bit like trying to condense the Universe into verse.

Here’s some of the story: The Moon and Sun shared 23+ degrees in Aquarius, also conjunct, by two degrees, to Pallas Athena (asteroid.) Let’s break it down with the 23+ Aquarius Sabian symbol written by historical astrologer Dane Rudhyar many moons ago, yet infinitely applicable to the rhythms of the World today.


KEYNOTE:The constructive use to which difficult past experiences can be put as examples for those who are still striving to overcome their passions.

Every type of experience can be made to serve a spiritual purpose. Every man or woman, however humble his or her status, can be an example to those still struggling to overcome or control the compulsive drives of their emotional-biological natures. Whoever has managed a difficult performance contributes to the collective wisdom of community and of mankind. Every achievement is to be passed on to those who may be inspired by it to greater and more adequate efforts.

it is the responsibility of anyone who has taken one step ahead in evolution to help others to take that step. This is true education. The Keyword is COMMUNICABILITY.

This powerful symbol applies beautifully to the keynote North Node of the New Moon Chart at 16 degrees Gemini (ruled by Mercury, planet of communication,) and trine in harmonious aspect to Mercury at 16 degrees. The power of communication, word, language, thoughts, ideas, the lightness and gravity of the mind, and the deep need to find New Wisdom within changing times rules the chart. Wisdom and Love become allies within the framework of the New Moon chart as Venus is conjunct Jupiter (goodwill and expansive heart and mind) while the stellium of Aquarius consisting of Moon, Sun, Pallas Athena, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn plow the fields of the future. Pluto follows behind in Capricorn making sure to compost and transform all that must be liberated and freed from the past. Excess rebellion pushes outward and those of conscious heart and mind hold the ground steady while forging ahead.

This process is chaotic and electric ~ bountiful and empty ~ Fool hearty and brilliant ~ Tricky and truthful ~ Creative and Intuitive ~ Rational and Fixed.

I was paging through various books as curious and restless thoughts waved through imaginations, concepts, and points of insight. I pulled a thin blue paperback given to me ages ago by Sri Aurobindo ~ ISHA UPANISHAD ~

This is the page and paragraph I landed into: (quite serendipitous)

“Unity is the eternal truth of things, diversity a play of the unity. The sense of unity has therefore been termed Knowledge, Vidya, the sense of diversity, Ignorance, Avidya. But diversity is not false except when it is divorced from the sense of its true and eternal unity.”

I search ~ I see ~ I am you ~ You are me ~ We are doing this…As One.

Love and blessings as a Chinese New Year heralds the Year of the Ox.


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