Full Moon in Sagittarius ~ June

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Image Full Moon in Sagittarius ~ June

In Strife We Rise

Full Moon Chart: 16 degrees Sagittarius (ruled by Jupiter) opposite the Sun at 16 degrees Gemini (ruled by Mercury) square Mars at 16 degrees Pisces (ruled by Neptune.) A Powerful T Square holds potential for Humanity to reconstruct the inner language that shapes the world.

Here’s the Story: Hope may emerge through voice, imagining, dreaming, contemplating, bringing new ideas to the table, like breaking bread, we share nourishment of Soul to regain sustenance. A collective choir, undeniable truth, singing like angry angels, pierce the sky with a sounding cry for mercy. A wave of tears, an emotional tsunami rocks us hard and we struggle to balance. Mars, the pivot point of the sun/moon square evokes aggression and healing through the sun (ego) and chaos through the moon (emotion).

In cosmic synchronicity, the Sabian Symbol at 16 degrees Gemini from Dane Rudhyar’s ‘An Astrological Mandala” reads as follows:


KEYNOTE: A passionate response to deeply felt new experience

“What has been ‘discovered’ not only needs to be discussed and tested through intellectual exchange which permits its formulation, it also demands ‘exteriozation.’ This implies the act of dealing with those who are still unaware of the new knowledge or realization. A public is needed, and it has to be convinced; its inertial resistance to change has to be overcome. This usually requires an emotional dramatization of the issues at stake. This is the beginning of a new cycle.

Here we have the potential for a new experience with communication. The mind is called upon to do its work, but what comes first is the action of that mind which is violently moved and which attempts to move other minds by aggressive means.”

These are the words of Dane Rudhyar, straight out of the book. I believe the goodwill of 16 degrees Sagittarius moon will, in time, acclaim victory over despair. This will require commitment to a new standard of consciousness. Here’s what Dane Rudhyar has written for that placement:


KEYNOTE: The easily acquired dependence of psychic desires upon the stimulation of social circumstances.

“It shows us how nature can readily become subservient to one’s restless ambition to dominate the entire bio-sphere through an all human planetary socioeconomic organization.”

The nourishment of Soul must not be dependent upon bi-products of materialism, instead, a return to original source (nature) may offer the gift of fulfillment and ingenuity. Therefore, we must not rely on the past. We must not attach ourselves to dependency of social conditioning. Something beautiful urges the Soul beyond the ‘hungry ego.’

There’s been activity involving the astrological degree 00 Cancer. Transiting North Node has been moving back and forth at this degree, Mercury hit that degree recently, and now, in the Full Moon chart, the asteroid Vesta reigns at 00 degrees Cancer.

Vesta governs the energy of the Hearth, the flame, the Center of the Home, the Tribal Connection involving Family and Protection. At the core we’ll discover an element of trust if we are to protect the flame from the storm: we’ll surely find warmth. Going deep, tending the flame of focus, we’ll be gifted with renewal, a rebirth that awakens the tribal core of Humanity. Here’s the Sabian Symbol for 00 degrees Cancer:


KEYNOTE: A radical change of allegiance exteriorized in a symbolical act: a point of no return.

What a time to rise up!

In grief, we find a treasure of wisdom born out of suffering and from this heart-felt compassion we spark a Love so great, it sets aflame all generations. We must come together, a tribal union of the Soul. Gemini, Pisces, Sagittarius, the leading signs of the Full Moon Chart render a call for communication, the voice of courage, imagination, dreams, and goals, it’s all there. The strife of the times is mirrored in the stars.

Nourish, care, look beyond ego, help others, do good work, and remain calm, centered, stoic in your conviction, and humbled by the great force of change sweeping the land.

For the month of June, prepare for a retrograde journey when Saturn returns to Capricorn, joining Pluto and Jupiter. The march must go on…literally. We find skill. Feet to ground and Heart on Fire…we pay attention with voice, vote, and fervor. No exaggeration. Love Heals All.

Isha Lerner

(Infinite Truth Image from Triple Goddess Tarot with Isha Lerner and Mara Friedman)

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